After a recent visit to Stiles Switch BBQ, for the 12 Days of Smoked Meats during the holiday season, I was inspired to create my own monster biscuit sandwich modeled after the Ola-Mailman Sandwich, which includes Olamaie’s famous biscuit stuffed with smoked meats from the pits.  While the Ola-Mailman Sandwich was everything I dreamed it would be, it’s only available for one day of the year.  The fat kid inside of me (and outside) wants to be able to enjoy this sandwich at a not-so-special occasion and eat it anytime I want.


Since I have absolutely no patience whatsoever and have no interest in waiting another year to enjoy another one of their glorious biscuit sandwiches, I let my cravings take over and took crack at re-creating my own version of the sandwich at home.


I’m not one for spending tons of time in my kitchen, so my goal was to spend the least amount of time preparing a meal to achieve maximum taste satisfaction.  I bought a few biscuits from Olamaie and a pound of moist cut brisket from Stiles Switch to get the ball rolling.   After scrounging through my fridge,  I sliced a medium thick cut of Tillamook cheddar, fried-up a few free-range organic eggs and added a few slices of Grillo pickles on the side.  The result was nothing short of Instagram-worthy!



1 – Olamaie Biscuit (or use your favorite) sliced in half

1/4 lb. – Slice of your favorite smoked brisket

1 – Free Range, organic egg

1 – Medium thick slice of your favorite Cheddar

1 Tbsp of Grillo Pickle Chips (or your preference)

1 – Tsp of Whataburger’s Spicy Patty Melt Sauce



Stack ingredients between in any order sandwiched between the sliced biscuit halfs, finishing with the cheese as final topping.  Serve warm and enjoy!

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Hayden Walker
Editor In Chief

Hayden Walker is the Editor in Chief and Director of Operations for Austin Food Magazine

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