Fort Worth-based taqueria offering Mexican City-style tacos Salsa Limón finally lands in Austin at its new location in North Campus at the University of Texas. The taqueria is committed to serving “Mexican-grade Mexican” food with counter-service and kiosk self-ordering options, an indoor and outdoor dining, along with a full-service bar.  This is the shop’s first location outside of Dallas-Fort Worth and the seventh overall.

Founded in Fort Worth in 2006 by the brother-and-sister team Milo and Rosalia Ramirez, Salsa Limón was inspired by the rich culture of the street taco stands of their childhood in Oaxaca. The taqueria has since evolved from a taco truck to six locations across the DFW area with plans to continue its expansion in Texas – including Austin, which the Ramirezes considered a seamless fit for the world-class taco joint.

Salsa Limón

The restaurant offers a robust menu of “kick ass taco classics” made with fresh and quality ingredients, traditional aguas frescas, a spicy variety of handcrafted salsas and more. Their tacos are all served in a traditional taqueria style with double-layered gluten-free corn tortillas, pickled cabbage, onion, cilantro and a choice of fillings. There’s also a full-service bar serving aguas frescas, specialty cocktails, beer, wine and $25 pitchers of Rocks Margaritas and Mimosas.

With the new spot in North Campus the Salsa Limón team designed the space with Mexican artwork sourced directly from Mexico and a mural painted by their own creative director Timothy Elliott. A Salsa Limón app is also available to skip the line, order ahead and earn rewards.

“Salsa Limón, which we nicknamed Salsita, is different from other Mexican restaurants and taco stands. We’ve cultivated an atmosphere that transports you from Austin or Fort Worth right into a taqueria in Mexico. That really takes it from being a restaurant to an institution,” says Milo. “We know people in Austin appreciate tacos, and we thought that it was the perfect opportunity for our first spot outside of our home in Fort Worth. We’re proud to be bringing Mexican tacos made at a Mexican restaurant owned and led by a Mexican team to the city. People can expect bold, delicious flavors that don’t hold back in a modern space that still captures the heart and soul of Mexico.”

The team also has plans to expand its menu to include more plant-based, meatless and meat-light options for both their guests and to practice environmental sustainability. Part of Salsa Limón’s ethos also focuses on customer experience and providing “traditional Mexican hospitality,” instilling an importance in taking care of its guests and one another.