Central East Austin welcomes Poeta, an all-day Italian café nestled within The Frances Modern Inn at 1123 East 11th Street. Having launched on Friday, November 24, this cozy and inviting spot, envisioned by chefs Krystal Craig and Ian Thurwachter, radiates the timeless charm of classic Italian hospitality.

Run by Executive Chef Ian Thurwachter and Chef de Cuisine Kevin Donovan, Poeta’s menu is a celebration of culinary artistry. Offering a diverse array of dishes suitable for any time of day, the café weaves together inventive breakfast options, vegan-friendly delights, and hearty evening feasts to capture the essence of Italian flavors in every bite.

Crafted to host around 100 guests, Poeta’s ambiance is a blend of cozy and contemporary aesthetics, painted in soft pinks and deep greens. The café’s bar, curated by Bridger Simpson, adds to the allure with an extensive wine list, beloved café classics, and handcrafted cocktails, including the sophisticated nitro espresso martini.

Chef Krystal Craig, co-founder and managing chef of Poeta, says, “Poeta, meaning ‘poet’ in Italian, embodies the sentiment and comfort behind the cuisine and ambiance we’re creating. Like a good poem, our aim is to evoke a nostalgic feeling that keeps people coming back for the warm hospitality.”

Beyond its culinary offerings, Poeta promises to be a hub for memorable experiences. From collaborative chef dinners to monthly live music events orchestrated by Event Coordinator Michelle Hall, the café aims to elevate the dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a quiet dinner, a lazy brunch, or a lively gathering, Poeta invites guests to savor the authentic Italian flavors, genuine hospitality, and an inviting atmosphere. Poeta stands ready to be Central East Austin’s newest culinary destination.