Nestled in Texas Hill Country, The Meyer Hotel and Camp Comfort have reopened after extensive redesigns by Wilder Ways Hospitality, blending historic charm with contemporary elegance.

Wilder Ways: Meyer Hotel
Wilder Ways: Meyer Hotel

The Meyer Hotel

Situated along Cypress Creek, The Meyer Hotel dates back to the 1880s as a stagecoach stop. The redesign preserves its history while adding modern amenities. Guests enjoy spacious rooms with plush bedding and stylish decor. Communal areas, including a quaint courtyard and revamped pool area, offer a tranquil escape with reclaimed wood and stone accents. The new Pecan Lodge Suite features marble bathrooms and a blend of modern and vintage elements.

Wilder Ways: Camp Comfort

Camp Comfort

Originally a German athletics club and bowling alley from 1910, Camp Comfort now evokes the nostalgia of Texas summer camps. The redesign maintains its rustic, industrial vibe while adding modern comforts. Guests can choose from cozy cabins, suites, and renovated airstream trailers. The property also includes a social hall for events like weddings and corporate retreats, and an expansive outdoor area for relaxation and activities. Local art and custom furnishings enhance the Hill Country ambiance.

Discover Comfort

Founded by German immigrants in 1852, Comfort, TX, is a historic town with much of its downtown listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The charm and heritage of this community are reflected in both The Meyer Hotel and Camp Comfort.

Franklin Dusserre and Dylan Petrich, known as the “French Cowboys,” bring a unique blend of heritage and passion to their projects. They fell in love with Texas Hill Country and are dedicated to preserving its charm while introducing luxurious touches.

Franklin Dusserre shares, “The Meyer Hotel and Camp Comfort stand as testaments to the enduring allure of Hill Country charm. Our goal was to honor Comfort’s storied past while creating spaces that invite relaxation and adventure.”

Guests can look forward to Texas wine tastings, local live music, and exclusive events, making The Meyer Hotel and Camp Comfort premier destinations in Comfort, TX.

For reservations and more information, visit The Meyer Hotel: / @themeyerhotel on Instagram; and Camp Comfort: / @campcomfort on Instagram. ​