We are lucky to live in a city where there’s nearly an endless selection of exceptional food trucks and food truck parks. From downtown, to south Austin and the east side, you can find any kind of food you’re salivating for these days. North Austin, on the other hand, is nearly desolate with minimal selections and no food truck parks north of 183.

While North Austin may not be able to consider itself a sanctuary for food trucks, Brandon Harris and Tanner Byrd offer a solution among the sea of chain restaurants and corporate business parks. Load-A-Bowl is a traveling food truck that stations itself around the north Austin and special events around the city – most recently – UT games, COTA events and concert arenas.  They offer a healthy, gourmet approach serving unique bowls and wraps with a variety of globally inspired cuisine.

Load A Bowl uses locally sourced ingredients to make a variety of tantalizing combinations with a menu that’s rotated seasonally, featuring a variety of menu options filled with meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

I met the duo this summer serving a hungry crowd of fans during the X Games at Circuit of the Americas and instantly became a fan! The food is not only amazing, but the guys are very entertaining and courteous, while offering a fast and inviting service. It’s obvious that they love what they do. Load A Bowl has only been around for 6 months and they are well on their way to making a name for themselves in North Austin and around the city.

Look for their schedule listed on their Facebook page to see where they’ve landed each day. You’ll usually find them at office buildings and businesses parks that have requested them to come out during daily lunch hours.


What to Order 

Gangam Styles – Leaf Lettuce, sticky rice, Bulgogi marinated meats, and cucumber kimchi

El Chronito – Tortilla Bowl with shredded lettuce, Mexcan marinated protein, black beans, pico, avocado creme and queso fresco

Masala Rito – Wheat tortilla, curried chicpeas, sweet potato and protein, marinated paneer, red onions and chilantro chutney.

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