Greenbelt Kombucha has announced an exclusive cocktail-inspired non-alcoholic kombucha line with Whole Foods Market. The new special kombucha cockail has been a year in the making and is meant to be enjoyed from morning to night. It’s especially perfect for those looking to have a non-alcoholic replacement with probiotics or replace their sugar-filled tonics in mixed drinks.

For this Whole Foods Market line, each can of Greenbelt kombucha is made with Texas-owned and grown CatSpring Yaupon. Yaupon is special because it is the only caffeinated plant native to North America, and is known for providing a smooth clean energy. While virtually all other tea and coffee is imported into the USA, yaupon is not only the sole domestic option, it’s harvested in Texas. Other incredible properties that yaupon is known for include theobromine which supports moods, and it’s packed with antioxidants.


Green Belt Kombucha


Greenbelt Kombucha offers an entire line of gourmet kombuchas for anyone looking for a low-sugar, hand-crafted probiotic lift at a price that fits any budget. Each 16 oz can will never have added sugar after the fermentation process. Greenbelt Kombucha also has lower lactic acid compared to most kombuchas, resulting in an easier-to-drink refreshing kombucha unlike the vinegary and “funky” flavors that some consumers dislike from other kombuchas on the market.