Located a two-hour drive from Santa Fe, and a five-hour drive from Denver, Canyon Madness Ranch in New Mexico has officially opened its doors offering unparalleled luxury and adventure for up to 16 guests at a time.


Canyon Madness Ranch is a luxury ranch set on 14,000 acres of outdoor adventure paradise amongst the geographic majesty of northeastern New Mexico.  Guests can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the eight-suite ranch mixes outstanding architectural design and well-appointed accommodations.  The ranch is an intimate destination, offering creative dining, and an incredible range of thrilling outdoor activities, from sport climbing to archery to hiking to river kayaking and more.



Incredible Views

With views that include a lookout over the awe-inspiring red sandstone cliffs of the Canadian River Canyon, Canyon Madness Ranch’s extensive land holdings encompass Encierro Canyon, a box-canyon with seas of red clay interrupted by giant twenty-foot-deep crevices.  Mixing the high excitement of adventurous outdoor recreations with the comfort of luxury accommodations and stunning, uninterrupted, and pristine natural beauty, Canyon Madness Ranch is truly a playground for all.




With a total of 14,000 acres, the ranch offers enough terrain of all types to satisfy the recreational desires of any guest.  The awe-inspiring landscape, kept pristine by lack of excessive human activity, is home to abundant and diverse flora and fauna and scenic and soaring cliffs and rock formations.  The two bookend canyons that define the majesty of this ranch provide an incredible visual impact.  In-person, the scale of this grandeur is overwhelming.  The Incredible geological formations of countless deep crevices in the red-crusted soil set the scene for the legendary kaleidoscopic sunrises and sunsets of New Mexico.  Nature enthusiasts will appreciate this pristine landscape that is home to abundant and diverse flora and fauna.




The Canyon Madness Ranch’s culinary team focuses on presenting a culinary experience of the most unusual kind, serving dishes uncommon in traditional high-end restaurants in town. With an emphasis on a farm-to-table bounty, chefs focus on healthy, organic, farm-raised, and more exotic meats including buffalo and ostrich, spices, and tastes. The ranch houses an ostrich farm with two adults producing fresh eggs for the menu as well as providing highly sought-after meat to complement their cuisine at the ranch. The ranch has recently started creating its outdoor vegetable garden as a prelude to future greenhouse horticulture.  These new additions will allow the cuisine at the ranch to gradually offer more farm-raised products for guest consumption. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated if notified at the time of booking.



Canyon Madness Ranch

Sport Climbing and Bouldering

Canyon Madness Ranch is located close to Mills Canyon in Kiowa National Grasslands near Roy, New Mexico, recognized as one of the most wondrous climbing locations in North America.  It boasts some of the most adventurous sport climbing and bouldering opportunities.  Expert climbers are welcome to enjoy the mountains and sandstone cliff faces at their own discretion in installed multiple sport climbing routes that’s been marked for world-class bouldering, climbing and hiking.  There is an array of routes to satisfy the curiosity of both beginners and experts.



Canyon Madness Ranch horse

Horse and Equestrian Activities

Guests can set out on trail rides of unparalleled beauty around canyon edges, sunrise, or sunset rides to the gorgeous canyon river, or add excursions to old nineteenth-century Indian and homestead sites.  The ranch also boasts a large, covered arena for focused training and lessons in disciplines like English cross-country trails and jumping or Western-style reining, cutting, cow herding, or barrel-racing for beginners through expert-level riders. Canyon Madness Ranch offers guests much more than the common “nose-to-tail” teams of trail riding horses; the ranch houses more than thirty high-quality and well-trained horses, including quarter-horses, paints, Gypsy Vänners and Gypsy Crosses in order to give guests a range of riding experiences.



Sport Shooting

Canyon Madness Ranch’s firearms program is designed to appeal to a full range of amateur and hobby users to professional or expert firearms enthusiasts.  The gun ranges include a pistol range, a rifle range providing a wide range of weaponry, long-range shooting (including scoped rifles to a maximum range of 2 miles), a championship Sporting Clay course, and a Trap course.  For a unique shooting experience, the ranch offers a military-style firearms experience that includes firing a large caliber Barrett M82-A1 (50 cal.) from the bed of a Humvee that was a veteran of the Iraq War.



Opening Offer

For those who have lived in recent seclusion, celebrate your freedom and the most luxurious form of social distancing with the serene beauty of Canyon Madness Ranch.  Canyon Madness Ranch is offering an opening offer of an all-inclusive price of $500USD per person per night for any number of nights, inclusive of lodging, activities/excursions, food, and beverage (wine, beer & sake).  This special offer is valid for any length of stay throughout 2021.  Bookings for three to five nights normally are priced at $700USD per night.