With the holidays here, those looking for the perfect gift for the Texas bourbon enthusiast on their list need not look further.  Give the gift of holiday cheer(s) and put a bow on the state’s finest bourbon from our some of our favorite Texas-based award-winning distilleries.  Texas bourbon is the perfect option to give the taste of Texas to your loved ones this holiday season.


Austin Food Bourbon Guide


Balcones Bourbon

The award-winning Texas-based distillery, distinguished by its process and ingredients, has an expression fit for any palette and price range.

 Texas No. 1 Single Malt – $80Balcones’ award-winning Texas No. 1 Single Malt is packed with flavor for a unique and innovative take on one of the world’s most timeless whiskies. Balcones hangs its hat on this expression and is sure to be a hit this holiday season.

Texas Pot Still Bourbon –  Texas Pot Still Bourbon is a rich and viscous spirit full of character and body with a sweeter taste and a lingering spice finish. As one of Balcones’ most approachable spirits, Texas Pot Still Bourbon is a classic example of the grain-to-glass process and traditional pot still distillation, perfect for the person on your list who has an appreciation for the details.

Baby Blue  –  Take a sip of history with Balcones Baby Blue whisky. Recognized as Texas’ first whisky on the market post-Prohibition, this expression is crafted from roasted blue corn overtones and refined complexity with a soft finish.


Garrison Brothers – Hye Rye

Garrison Brothers, the first bourbon distillery in America that opened beyond Kentucky and the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas, released their first-ever rye whiskey, Hye Rye. This experimental 98-proof rye whiskey pays homage to one of the most widely-enjoyed liquors in America before the Prohibition Era.  In honor of this, Hye Rye will be released exclusively at Garrison Brothers distillery on December 5, the 87th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in America (and founder Dan Garrison’s birthday).


Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon

Treaty Oak Distilling’s award-winning Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon, named after Treaty Oak’s 28-acre ranch home in Dripping Springs, Texas, is a unique whiskey made with 100% Texas-grown heirloom grains from Barton Springs Mill. A genuine grain-to-glass bourbon, it is mashed, fermented, distilled, barreled, aged 2 years in first-use American White Oak Char 3 barrels and bottled on-site at Treaty Oak’s Distillery – it’s a bourbon born of years of purposeful experimentation. It’s the perfect option to give the taste of Texas to your loved ones this holiday season, and all expressions can be purchased via shoptreatyoak.com with shipping to most U.S. states. ($49.99)


Still Austin Whiskey Boubon

A homegrown distillery situated in the heart of South Austin, today released its first high-rye straight bourbon whiskey featuring grains that are 100% grown by Texas farmers. The bourbon is handmade from grain-to-glass at the distillery, aged for at least two years in new charred American Oak barrels, and bottled at 98.4 proof (49.2% ABV). It’s comprised of a high-quality mash bill worthy of its hometown: 70% Non-GMO white corn (the same found in Austin’s tortillas), 25% Elbon rye (which imparts a natural spice) and 5% wildfire malted barley. The straight bourbon whiskey boasts a new custom bottle and label, which serves as the perfect complement to the art inside the bottle.


Milam & Greene Straight Bourbon

After three years in the making, this month Milam & Greene Whiskey has released its first grained to glass whiskey that is completely fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled completely at its distillery in Blanco, Texas.  The Distillery Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey is Milam & Greene’s first whiskey in the new Hill Country Whiskey Series. The Distillery Edition is pot distilled in a 300-gallon copper still, non-chill filtered and bottled at barrel proof.



*Bonus (Out of State favorites)


High West American Prairie Bourbon & Adventure Blanket

The High West X Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket is perfect for any occasion—use it as a travel pillow to hit the open road, a quick poncho while hiking mountainside, a spot for a social-distance picnic at the park or afternoon in the backyard. And what adventure is complete without a little whiskey?!  High West’s American Prairie Bourbon is an aromatic blend of straight bourbons with rich, earthy flavors complemented by notes of vanilla and sweet cornbread, and also gives back to the American Prairie Reserve, so you can #WhiskeyWherever and give back.


Bespoke Bourbon Cream

Whiskey and cream naturally go so well together and this delicious spirit combines our hand-finished Bourbon and local farm-fresh New York State cream for a drink that delights. Bourbon Cream is similar in concept to that of an Irish Cream but has a more complex flavor profile. The bourbon base creates that rich feel with a sweet vanilla and smooth caramel taste.