Salvation Pizza

Salvation Pizza
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Introduced by Italian shipbuilders, New Haven style pizza is the birthplace of American pizza. Characterized by its distinct crust, which is traditionally cooked to the point of char, the thin crust exhibits a distinctive snap and crunch unique to New Haven.

Originally from New England, Michael Dinsmore was raised with an appreciation for authenticity and tradition. His introduction to the technical aspects of New Haven style pizza, ignited a passion for sharing the methods, quality and flavors when he conceptualized Salvation Pizza in 2006. Salvation Pizza, Austin’s only New Haven style pizzeria makes all elements of their pizza from scratch in strict adherence to classic technique. Pizzas are cooked in on a custom-fitted granite stone, using only traditional wooden peels in a gas-fired oven and quality ingredients. Dinsmore’s vision for Salvation Pizza was and continues to be deeply rooted in his upbringing and immersion in a culinary world striving to preserve tradition through consistency and quality techniques.

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White Clam Pizza – Whole Baby Clams, Bacon, Lemon



Owner Michael Dinsmore



Photos By: Nicolai McCrary