Miami is an incredibly popular tourist destination. It provides many venues from bars and nightclubs to its beautiful beaches. One unique aspect of Miami is the wonderful food options. Here is a list of some of the tastiest dishes for you to try while you are visiting.


Frita Frenzy

Miami has a significant Cuban population, with over 1 million residents. Most notably, little Havana showcases as a tourist destination that brings out the Cuban community through a variety of restaurants and venues. Fritas are a locally inspired take on the American hamburger that tops off the traditional meat patty with a generous helping of shoestring potato fries. This is a food dish that you definitely need if you are visiting Miami and have never tried before. 


Giant Cuban Sandwiches

It’s no surprise that Cubans have a significant presence in Miami. With such a large community, you are going to see the impact of the culture brought to the food industry. While you are visiting different neighborhoods and exploring things to do in Miami, always keep a lookout for your next meal. There are many sandwich shops that serve you a taste of Cuba. If you are craving a deli favorite, consider upsizing your order if you are particularly hungry and seek out a giant Cuban sandwich that will be more than enough to feed your appetite. 


Not Your Average Hotdogs

Hotdogs and sausages are some of the best street food that you can eat, being both cost-efficient and always somehow hitting the spot, especially after you’ve been enjoying the Miami nightlife. If you want to take your hotdog game to the next level and explore some unique bites, look into a variety of options ranging from sweet and savory options in the form of dessert hotdogs, as well as traditional but extreme options like loaded hotdogs that might include an omelet, potato chips, gravy or Philly cheesesteak toppings in it. 


Fantastic Fried Chicken

Get away from the fast-food chains that you know when it comes to chicken and gets some home cooking flavor with the perfect comfort foods. Whether you enjoy your chicken in a sandwich or on the side of some waffles, there are a variety of unique savory options to explore. 

One unique combo dish to find is the addition of watermelon to your chicken and waffles, as it adds yet another unique component with a refreshing level to the already sweet and savory tastes on your plate. 


Miami popsicle


If you are hunting or craving some sweet desserts, Miami has many shops that offer paletas. These desserts are Mexican-inspired frozen treats that are similar to popsicles. However, they tend to use different ingredients that add to the flavor, from real fruits blended into frozen juice to condensed milk. Additionally, some specialty shops offer a host of different toppings that will ensure you always have something new to try when it comes to combating that Miami heat. 


Miami Tacos

Tacos Everyday

It doesn’t have to be a Tuesday for you to enjoy a handful of tasty tacos. If you have a craving for the deliciousness of chicken, pork, or seafood wrapped up with your favorite toppings in a perfect taco shell, find one of Miami’s many Mexican street food restaurants. These establishments are not just a place to chow down, but also provide an excellent atmosphere to spend the night out with friends.


Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Whether you are starting your morning early and want a quick energy boost, or find yourself in need of refueling in the evening or afternoon, it is never the wrong time to enjoy some coffee. Cold-brewed iced coffee is perfect to sip when in Miami with the warmer temperatures, giving you that perfect balance to enjoy the weather. 


Alligator Adventures

In the greater state of Florida, alligators are common among the local areas. When you are in Miami, why not give some local cuisine a try and eat some gators. Fried alligators are probably the most common way to eat them, and the least invasive on your taste buds, as this can help offset the unusual taste. 

However, the flavors will remind you of chicken, as most people remark the comparison, but a little more gamey and even with the hint of some seafood taste. If you are visiting Miami, why not explore your taste buds and be a little adventurous with some alligator on the menu.

While vacationing, you should always keep a sense of adventure and curiosity that not only translates to your trip, but with your dining experiences as well. Food is a great way to express yourself and what you eat is just another way to enjoy your stay.