The cooler air moving in warms our appetites for rich tastes and the desire to get cozy somewhere. By now, you already know how romantic Austin’s dinning scene can be. It’s full of charm and charisma unlike any other Texas town. With cooler temperatures of the Fall season finally here, you’re probably looking impress your honey, your Tinder date or even your girlfriends for a ladies night out. There’s nothing better than a stroll in the cold air that leaves you wanting to get close in an intimate environment and satiate your different cravings. Here is a list of some of my favorite places to go that hit the spot perfectly.



G'Raj Mahal

G’Raj Mahal

Exotic and local G’Raj Majal has established a permanent footprint on Rainey street. It entices with exotic flare and fantastic choice of wine and beer. There is nothing sexier to me than un-winding in an exotic escape with foreign spices, complex recipes and a darn good glass of beer or wine with someone. With the cooler weather breezing in, wrap your sweetheart and yourself in a cozy sweater and spoil yourself on these heavier dishes that leave you feeling satiated.  Some of my all-time favorite ideas are; Naan stuffed with fruits and nuts,  Saag Paneer, Korma and Tikka Masala dishes with a Belgian beer or glass of bubbles. You can always continue the date on Rainey. Thank you G’Raj Majal for existing. High-five.

Photo: G’Raj Mahal Facebook



Swift’s Attic

Swift’s Attic is sexy little place where you can indulge in rich bites and boozy or sweet as pie cocktails made by some of Austin’s finest. They never disappoint and know how to satiate every taste for liquid inhibition for those nights out. The décor is dark and cozy for an intimate atmosphere and sure to bring you closer together. You’ll be cozy and tucked-away upstairs together. Go ahead, indulge together.





(PERMANENTLY CLOSED) Somersault at the Domain is a great secluded area next to it’s sister bar the Park. It’s a quiet escape from next door when the patio gets too cold. Try the Bee’s Knees here. You can customize the heat. Sexy staff members also also use pyrotechniques for smoked bourbon drinks. A great lounge to warm-up in with your main squeeze.



violet crown cinema

Violet Crown Cinema

Violet Crown Cinema is ideal for a relaxed evening of entertainment above 2nd street. The movie selection is eclectic and intelligent and the menus are clever. The seasonal cocktail menu is phenomenal with well-executed sips that boast house-made infusions and bitters. The atmosphere eases your mind and allows for an escape from the cold. Take the steps in out of the cold to order a fresh cocktail, dinner and settle-in with a a choice film that you and your desired can discuss for the rest of the evening.


Due Forni

(Permanently Closed) Due Forni has made Austin and Las Vegas their home. This alluring restaurant rightfully boasts two impressive ovens in an open kitchen unique to any other restaurant in the country for authentic Neapolitan and Roman style pizzas. Their ingredients are flown-in and make all the difference . Wine is the other siren’s call for this sexy place. If the hushed and intoxicating undercurrent exuding from the warming ambience doesn’t seduce your senses, the wine collection will. What better way to spend an evening than a warm and rich atmosphere with wine flowing and ovens roaring to fire the perfect Italian pizza?


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