Uncle Billy’s Brewery & Smokehouse celebrated it’s 12th Anniversary by becoming Austin’s First Brewstillery and introducing it’s new line of distilled spirits. Meet Uncle Billy’s Bourbon Whiskey and Uncle Billy’s Barton Springs Vodka.


This whiskey is sourced from the highest quality Bourbon Whiskey from Indiana. It is made with a mash bill of 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley that is aged 18 months in first use charred American Oak and finished at 96 Proof. Uncle Billy’s Barton Springs Vodka is made with locally-sourced, full-proof vodka made from 100% corn. The base vodka is carbon-filtered and artfully finished on site at Uncle Billy’s. Both spirits are proofed using the same pure water sourced from the Edwards Aquifer that is used to brew Uncle Billy’s beer.

Uncle Billy's Brew

For the past 12 years, creativity has been a hallmark of the Uncle Billy’s brewing process. That creativity fostered a natural growth from brewing into distilling and the release of Uncle Billy’s Spirits. Because the Barton Springs Road location is not zoned for full-scale distilling on-site, Uncle Billy’s is sourcing high-quality bulk neutral grain spirits that are distilled elsewhere to produce its line of spirits. The unique flavor profiles during the final process of producing Uncle Billy’s Spirits is achieved by artfully blending, aging, and packaging craft spirits to create a delicious product.


Uncle Billy’s will soon take full advantage of its brewing facilities to create its own grain bill and whiskey mash that will then be distilled by a local distillery. The raw distillate will be barreled and aged on-site at Uncle Billy’s. It will also soon expand its spirits line and is in the process of developing its own proprietary gin recipe using local Texas botanicals.

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