Uchi and Uchiko are excited to announce the introduction of two new cocktails to their summer menus, each distinctive in its interpretation of their traditional Japanese roots.

  • Uchi is serving the Natsu Taimu, a refreshing lemon and thyme cocktail whose sake leaves a subtle, but definite, impression.
  • Uchiko is offering the Haji no Sanpo. This cocktail features house made syrups to compliment its applewood smoked sake -think grown up strawberry limeade.

Uchi CocktialUchi: Natsu Taimu, $12
.5 oz. Clarified Lemon Juice
.5 oz. Thyme Simple Syrup
3.25 oz. Tozai Sake
Candied Lemon Rind
Sprig of Thyme





Uchiko: Haji no Sanpo, $11Uchiko Cocktail

.75 oz House Made Strawberry Simple Syrup

.5 oz Lime Juice
House Made Yukari Syrup

2 oz. Applewood Smoked Sake

Pinch of Yukari

Thai Basil to garnish

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