Austin is packed to the brim with food trucks, and while most of them are worth your time and money, others may come off as a little lacking.  Some, however, are so unique and provide such incredible food that they should be on top of your must-try food list. These are groups of passionate chefs that took to the streets to deliver their good directly to the people – forgoing the traditional tables and chairs ordeals that most restaurants guarantee.


No waiting for a table, no booking early, and no sitting in a stuffed room with a bunch of other people. Apart from the food itself, food trucks allow you to walk up, order what you want, and walk away to enjoy it in a space that you find most comfortable.  You don’t have to dress up; you don’t need to make snap-choices while the busy waiter stands there impatiently. For many, the food truck has been nothing but a passing trend; something to provide the same experience but in a different way.


For others, food trucks are the logical, natural evolution of dining as the world has become much smaller but more packed.  In a city with endless amounts of things to do, from the outdoor activities, nightlife, festivals and even FIFA World Cup Betting for the sports enthusiasts, food trucks provide the perfect way to fuel up before continuing your day.


With all that in mind, these are the top food trucks roaming the streets of Austin right now.


Austin Mac and Cheese Fest 2017 - by Courtney PierceChi’lantro

One of the reasons that Austin has such a thriving food scene is because of the mixture of cultures and what each of those cultures brings to the table.  In the case of Chi’lantro, you can expect to find cuisine that embodies both that of Korea and Mexico. It may seem like a weird mix, but the food is absolutely delicious and one-of-a-kind.


Vercruz All Natural

Texas’ proximity to Mexico means that, over the years, much of the traditional foods from the country have leaked over the border and become a staple for much of the population.  It’s also why there are so many eateries offering Mexican food – and few are better than what’s offered at Veracruz All natural.


Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts

It’s hard to find someone without a sweet tooth, and even harder to find those with a sweet tooth who don’t like donuts.  At Little Lucy’s the donuts are mini, but they’re also like nothing else on the market. They come in big bags, are bite-sized, and will keep you going back time and time again.


East Side King

Legendary among food trucks in Austin, and known by anyone with a taste for Asian cuisine, East Side King’s chefs Paul Qui and Moto Utsonmiya have been providing the food lovers of the city with endless culinary delights.  You can spot their truck a mile away thanks to the unique artwork that adorns the vehicle.


Smoked BrisketMicklethewaut Craft Meats

Austin’s BBQ scene is a badge of honor and pride and nearly every meat lover enjoys sitting the perfectly smoked brisket.  As far as good meat goes, Micklethwait Craft Meats has been on their A-game ever since they’ve opened their truck.  Their quick service and divine brisket is just one of the few reasons to give this truck a visit on your travels.

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