Everyone knows that outer order contributes to inner peace, and a stay of any length at Travaasa Austin Resort will undoubtedly bring you to your most centered self. The setting is idyllic. Winding down the unraveling Hill Country roads, the horizon opening up to the secretive path that leads you to the entrance. Breathe in, breathe out. The car comes to a hault, and smiling faces welcome you to your home for the night. In a distracted haze you check in, hand, over your bags, and vaguely remember accepting a freshly squeezed juice concoction that awakens you from the inside out. This must certainly be what heaven is like.

On the way to your room you pass other lucky guests relaxing on the many hammocks spread around the property, immediately surrendering to the unspoiled backdrop and decide it’s about time you turn off your brain, and simply be.

Travaasa Spa - Stachelski

Travaasa is an experience for the senses. With that, comes great attention to detail and heaps of creativity in how they put together this Texas haven. With two locations (Hana, Maui and Austin, Texas), the resort strives to be an escape from the everyday stresses. Offering both relaxation and adventure, Travaasa sets itself apart from your typical vacation by blending the whimsical and the extravagant into a paradisiac marriage that is unmatched.

Spa Treatment

The spa is state of the art, and follows the belief that all good things come from the earth. With a focus on healing and rejuvenating the body and mind, the farm-to-table concept takes a whole new meaning here. The Sausalito-based skincare line Laurel Whole Plant Organics was carefully selected to not only perform to the highest standards, but also to reflect the idea of farm-to-spa, where the ingredients used in each potion can be found in their purest, wholesome form. Every ingredient in the line can be traced back to the farm, so you know everything that is being used during your treatment and the expertly trained staff will explain to you why each element is beneficial to your skin. Choose from luxurious facials customized to your skin type and needs (the facial massage using shea butter, Tamanu oil and essential oil-infused balm is a favorite!), add in a revigorating full body scrub using organic honey, propolis, ginger and rosemary, and finish out your spa escape with an energy-healing holistic session to help you find complete inner tranquility.


Pool Time

Following your pampering session, spend a few minutes in the steam room or go for a leisurely swim in the saline pool overlooking the vast green of the Hill Country. You can almost see the city in the horizon from the infinity pool, but your troubles will feel like they are a million miles away as you fall asleep under a cabana, margarita in hand.


If you are feeling slightly more adventurous, Travaasa also offers farm tours where you can see where and how they grow the many fruits, vegetables and herbs they use around the resort  (bring an iced drink during the summer), zip-lining and horseback-riding (great for families and couple getaways), hiking, hatchet-throwing, and archery.



The food at The Preserve Kitchen + Bar  brings the whole farm-to-table concept full circle, treating guests with the freshest dishes composed of organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. The resort also offers a variety of culinary experiences, including wine tasting,  basic culinary lessons, and even a hands-on juicing class.


You can, of course, choose to enjoy your stay quietly in your private accommodations and spend some down time with your traveling companions, but I highly recommend you partaking in at least one or two of the activities that make Travaasa Austin so unique. If you choose to relax with a glass of wine of local coffee on your expansive balcony overlooking the canyon, you can still catch some social action by joining the evening fireside chats or practice your Texas Two Step. Retreating back to your cozy room will feel like a warm blanket on a cold winter night as you wrap yourself in a plush robe, sneak into the organic sheets and fall into a deep slumber orchestrated to the sound of nature.

Travaasa Resort D Stachelski


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