By Mallory Holmes


Eating local is a trend everyone should get behind. In Austin, there is even a week in December called Eat, Drink, Local Week that celebrates anything and everything locally sourced.

The Austin community offers a plethora of eat local options from local farmers markets, to locally food sourced restaurants, to food delivery services such as, which delivers meals from local restaurants.

Whether grocery shopping or catering a work event, it can seem easier to use the big chains, but there are little ways you can keep it local. Check out our top tips and start buying local like a champ.  



Photo: Courtney Pierce

Photo: Courtney Pierce

Shop the Farmers Market


Most cities have a local farmers market that you can buy every thing you need. Take a wander around and you will find enough food to stuff your fridge for the week. Most markets stock fruits and veggies but also bread, dairy products, and free-range meat and poultry.  Whats even better is that farmers markets are also full of artisans and pop up shops from online businesses. You may find yourself walking away with your groceries, some homemade soap, and a cool canvas from a local artist.       

Choose Restaurants That Source Locally

Photo: Courtney Pierce

Photo: Courtney Pierce

A chain restaurant usually sources their food products from an industrialized food provider. This means that your food has probably travelled to places you have never even seen before. Austin has an array of restaurants owned and sourced locally. The delicious Burro Cheese Kitchen, and The Zubik House are great locally sourcing options to try in Austin. For a sweet treat visit the amazing Dolce Neve for locally sourced gelato.



Porter Ale House Beet Salad

Porter Ale House Beet Salad

Eat Seasonal


Sometimes you just crave a banana in the off season. It happens. But if you focus your efforts on eating and cooking seasonally it can really take you outside your comfort zone and produce some great food experiences. Plus eating foods in season means that they’ll taste better because they’ve been picked at their bestNo shipping wait times and long term refrigerated efforts.       



Become A (Mini) FarmerBarking Vineyard


Becoming a farmer is a pretty big lifestyle choice. But starting small can make a big difference. Start slow with a box-yard herb garden. No backyard space? Pick one herb you love and start a windowsill herb garden. If you find you enjoy being a mini farmer, work your way up to growing vegetables.   



foodeeUse Slow Food Delivery

Fast food always seems like the easiest option for group ordering, but the slow food delivery service is on the rise. Contrary to its name, its actually not slowits fast and easy. Premium corporate catering service Foodee partners with renowned local restaurants to deliver delicious, quality food to the company lunchrooms. Not only is the food from local restaurants, Foodee offers a live concierge team that assists in meeting catering budgets, and making sure dietary restrictions are covered.  

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