Breakfast in Brisbane, lunch in Serbia, and dessert in New York — these are just some of the countries you can visit if you want to taste the world’s most expensive dishes. Sushi wrapped in 24-Karat gold leaves, truffle salad, and ‘bacon bling’ — these are just some of the outrageously expensive meals you can try. and writer Chris Sibbet did a fun experiment and compared the prices for various most expensive dishes in the world and gathered them all in an awesome infographic:


The infographic will help you answer these questions:

  • Where do you have to go to taste the most expensive dessert?

  • Which exquisite meal makes a visit to Santa Monica, CA worthwhile?

  • Which country bakes bread loafs that sell for $35 per pound?

  • How much can a slice of 1937 royal wedding cake cost? A lot!