Sushi lovers in Austin know all too well, there aren’t a lot of “great” sushi spots in town.  Compared to nearly any major metro city in the country, Austin’s selection of truly exceptional sushi is in high demand.   It’s time for Austin to be included in the echelon of great sushi-select cities.  Fortunately, it looks like we may be taking a step in the right direction.

Chef Sun

Chef Sun Il

Based in the Hill Country Galleria in Bee Cave, Tadashi is on its way of becoming one of the truly amazing Sushi spots in central Texas.  Focusing on a Sea-to-Table menu, Chef Sun Il, a native Korean who grew up fishing in the Sea of Japan, is at the helm.  Now living in Austin, Sun is flying in fish and delicacies from Japanese fish markets, namely the Tsukiji Market, which is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.  The results are beautiful and flavor-filled Japanese fusion dishes!  From Yuzu gelée  (red snapper, yuzu gelée, pear tomato, cilantro, red onion and orange miso dressing), Miso glaze wild Chilean seabass with grilled asparagus and sweet potatoesBaby Tako with Chile Mango Salsa, and live fish. That’s right, live fish! Live scallops and clams are sliced and prepared in a manner that compliments their fresh taste.


Photo: Hayden Walker

The restaurant provides excellent seating both inside and out, in a romantic space for those looking to enjoy their rolls at the bar. and to catch Chef Sun filet the fine catch shipped in from overseas.  There, you can banter with the Sokunin and Chef Sun if you wish; he’s an affable guy, with amazing knife skills you have to see to believe.


Yuzu gelée Red Snapper

I suggest starting with Yuzu gelée Red Snapper, which includes red snapper, yuzu gelée, pear tomato, cilantro, red onion and orange miso dressing. It is marvelous, When you take a bite, the heat of your mouth instantly melts with the snapper turning it into a pool of flavor with a vivid flourish of yuzu.


Ribeye Kushiyaki Skewers
Photo: Hayden Walker

If you’re a beef eater, go for the Ribeye Kushiyaki Skewers, which includes tender steak in a marinade drizzled with a sweet teriyaki sauce.  It’ may just be an appetizer, but if you like beef you won’t be disappointed.

Surf Clam Photo: Hayden Walker

Surf Clam
Photo: Hayden Walker

As an entertaining surprise: try the Surf Clam. This provides a delicious, yet simple presentation that includes live surf clam as sashimi, shell boiled at the table.  It is absolute Bliss!


Photo: Hayden Walker

Photo: Hayden Walker

Sushi purists will appreciate the freshness of the seafood presented in the Nigiri selections.  This delectable board includes king salmon, red salmon and fresh mackerel. Bliss!

Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass
Photo: Hayden Walker

Don’t leave until you try Miso glaze wild Chilean Sea bass with grilled asparagus and sweet potatoes.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Seafood lovers will rejoice in the delicacy of this dish!  It’s full of freshness and flavor and it is nothing short of absolute perfection.