The Spring season is officially here and the SXSW Film Festival is in full effect in Austin.  The weather is cool and sunny and the birds are plum twitter-pated and a hint of romance is brewing in the air.  Oh, who am I kidding?  If you’re like me, the only thing brewing in the air is the green pollen of death you’re sneezing and choking on and you cringe every time you hear your phone chime in with news updates.  It’s hard to entertain thoughts of love and romance on the big screen when your eyeballs are full of goop and you can’t get the Korean Peninsula out of your mind. 


Luckily, SXSW Film Festival is providing a sneak peek at several romantic comedies that are sure to remind you that love and laughter is the best medicine to cure your seasonal fever. 


mr-roosevelt film sxsw

Mr. Roosevelt

Directed by and starring Noel Wells

Tremendously smart and funny, with an endearing representation of just how friendly and laid back our city really is, Mr. Roosevelt takes us on a journey through Austin, full of bad decisions and budding friendships. Noel Wells’ impersonation of Holly Hunter alone still makes me chuckle when I think of it. If Zooey Dechanel’s quirkiness and charm ate a Mario mushroom, that would be Noel’s character in this movie.  You celebrate with her triumphs and cringe with her in her awkwardness. Figure out how bare butts and cupcakes are related.  




A Bad Idea Gone Wrong

Directed by Jason Headley

Starring Matt Jones, Eleanor Pienta, Will Rogers

Leo (Will Rogers) is a bit mopey after a breakup with his girlfriend so his friend Marlon (Matt Jones) plans the perfect emotional boost; a burglary in an upscale neighborhood. Things start out horribly after they find themselves trapped in the house they’re robbing and even more so when they stumble upon the unanticipated house sitter.

This completely unassuming romantic comedy holds it’s own without being cheesy. It’s fun to watch the characters Forrest Gump their way through the evening as they try to get out of a pickle of their own creation. 



Baby Driver

Directed by Edgar Wright

I don’t know how Mr.Wright continues to mesh action and humor succinctly with a romantic twist, but Baby Driver finds him again at his best. 

Completely music forward in keeping with his usual style (the soundtrack is super rad), the audience found themselves jamming out while eating up the fantastically terrible one liners delivered perfectly by Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey. The dance sequence by Baby as he makes his way in his own style through the city, is blended perfectly with the bullets, screeching tires and romance. It’s safe to say that it had me enthralled from beginning to end. This is a movie that makes you want to drive fast, dance, and fall in love.




The Relationtrip

Directed by Renee Felice Smith & C.A Gabriel

Have you ever dated someone for a few months and in that small amount of time it felt as though you endured the ups and downs of an entire relationship?

The Relationtrip explores a premise of this ilk; both characters make the same crappy mistakes they always make in one weekend rather than years. Matt Bush and Renee Felice Smith bring a keen interplay to the theme of the film. They even manage to sneak a puppet in as the leading lady’s best friend /c**kblocker. It’s pretty brilliant. 

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