Growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch horror of any kind. Being the daughter of a doctor’s son limited me to a world of fantasy movies (which arguably incubated a different kind of darkness in me). But hey, I don’t fault my pappy for being grossed out by gore, he practically grew up in an E.R and had a lifetime of very real blood, he needed his entertainment to be more on the Wild Hogs side. (I get it, pops).


Horror just wasn’t something that was presented to me, even when I moved out on my own, so it wasn’t until I was pushing 30 that I saw Alien for the first time.  I know, I can feel you cringe but I was a late bloomer.


I was blown away by Alien.  The film wasn’t really that bloody, but I was filled with terror from the suspense that Ridley Scott builds in his scenes, particularly that dinner sequence with John Hurt.  Throw in a cat and a female hero and I couldn’t wait to rent the rest of the Alien movies, my favorite being Alien: Resurrection. I watched them so many times and loved bickering with the best of movie nerds about the evolution of the monster. When Prometheus came out, I watched it over and over again in the same vain just to help my debating skills.  I relished when someone would say it had nothing to do with the Alien franchise and would rub my sweaty palms together in preparation for the heated argument that was sure to follow when I retorted with, “uh, actually…”


With Alien: Covenant I can wear my smug smile and rooster out my chest because it finally puts the dispute to bed that Prometheus and Alien are directly connected. They totes are.


SXSW 2017: Ridley Scott at “Alien” special screening – via FOX 7 Austin


SXSW invited Ridley Scott to preview some clips of Alien: Covenant during a screening of Alien at The Paramount and I can say that audiences are in for a real treat. Attendees got to see where David (Michael Fassbender) has been; in a dank cellar in the corner of space conducting experiments with the clay vials like a mad scientist, even creepier than he was in Prometheus. Danny McBride channels Harry Dean Stanton, bringing a little humor and a little kick ass to the film, sans cigarette, respectively. We also got a sneak peek at our new heroine, Katherine Waterston, and how she holds up when faced with the Alien. I don’t know how Mr. Scott does it, but he has a knack for choosing the best lady for the part. Strong, smart and filled with moxie she doesn’t even know she has. Like Bridget Fonda in The Point of No Return. Juiced on steroids.


When I asked old Ridley how he can still make the story interesting after all these years he replied, ” I think that people like being scared and they like the science behind all of it. That makes it easier.”


I also asked him when he thinks the story will reach it’s end. He laughed heartily and said, “I made a career out of scaring the willies out of you and I don’t intend to stop now.”


I hope you never do Mr. Scott


SXSW 2017: Danny McBride talks at “Alien” special screening – via FOX 7 Austin

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