The SXSW 2018 Documentary Spotlight contenders are heartfelt, badass and unexpected.  Here are 5 we’re looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival.

La Sandistas


This documentary uncovers the story of a unique moment in history when a troupe of Nicaraguan women broke the barrier and lead guerrilla troops into battle. It reshaped their country by creating landmark reforms during the Sandinista Revolution of ’79 and the subsequent US-backed Contra War- to only have it result in once again being marginalized by the their peers after the war ended. 35 years later, surrounded by the worst levels of violence against women in Nicaraguan history, these same badass women are taking to the streets to lead movements for equality and democracy once again.


Weed the People


This film is a Rikki Lake produced doc that illuminates the ever burgeoning marijuana trade.  Does technology impact or help the future of the controversial plant?  It also shows a little statistics into how the average pot smoker isn’t your average pot smoker.  It’s not just the typical 21-35 year old male pot head anymore.  Mothers are using apps to get cannabis delivered, baby boomers are chief-ing to alleviate a myriad of ailments that range from arthritis to cancer.  Collecting data on the demographics that use cannabis can be problematic as it’s always been a cash business, but now with apps, like Eaze (invested in by none other than Snoop D-oh-double-G), we’re finally seeing the surge in numbers of people getting cannabis safely and efficiently.


bill murray documentary sxsw


The documentary is written and told by a total fan boy (but who doesn’t geek out when it comes to Murray?), this documentary explores the legend behind the tales told of late night drunken, SXSW moments where Murray has been sighted like a magical UFO flown by unicorns. Maybe at a party doing dishes perhaps or putting his hands over someones eyes in the washroom. Whatever it is, utter coolness is about to ensue and you’d better go with it. He indeed has swept these lucky souls into his world of spontaneity and living in the moment, leaving them changed somehow by the surreal experience and questioning whether or not it happened. It even further pokes fun of people who didn’t make it to the party that night. One takeaway for me is; don’t be that person. Make it to every party this SXSW! You can sleep another time.


Chef Flynn  SXSW


CHEF FLYNN tells the story of a young prodigy chef who started a supper club in his own living room. It’s apparent that Flynn loves food and getting people excited about food, he even recruits his classmates to get in on the fun by making them line cooks at his soirees.


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