SXSW is a beast. It’s filled with conferences, parties, concerts, films and yes – even more parties. SXSW will wear you down fast if you’re not properly nourished. Fortunately, a festival of this magnitude takes place Austin where we appreciate great food.  We refuse to eat typical, old school, processed festival food or anything short of greatness.


If you’re looking for Providence in form of food, there’s almost no way to get through the entire festival without eating and drinking too much.  With over 300 parties popping during the week, you should be able to eat and drink for free every single day if you’re a badge holder.  If you’re not a badge holder don’t worry, there’s plenty for you as well.


If you’re like us, you ate an unbelievable amount of food and never thought twice the consequences for the consumption of calories you devoured. Here’s a glance at several of our favorite and most delicious moments we shared with our Instagram followers during SXSW 2017.


Pregame your SXSW Success Story at Paper Boy 

Pregaming your SXSW experience is an essential part of enjoying the festival, especially when there’s food involved. We started with a healthy warm-up at Paper Boy on E. 11th street.


Ophelia – When gray skies appear

Our first day of SXSW was a little gray outside, but that didn’t distract us from eating a proper meal full of seasonal crawfish with a little etouffee from Ophelia.


BBQ Crash Course

The outdoor meat feast in Brush Square Park directly across the street of the convention center featured the BBQ Crash Course, and as always it lived up to it’s status.  A SXSW badge doesn’t just grant you access so you’ll have to pay for entry if you’re interested in attending in the future, but it’s so well worth it!


Free Voodoo Doughnuts 

It’s one thing when someone tells me there’s doughnuts in the room, but when someone told me there was FREE doughnuts from Voodoo for all badge holders, I lost my friggin mind.


SXSW Quesoff

This isn’t just another free food event at SXSW, it’s queso and lots of it!  Bite Club presented their first ever Quesoff at SXSW, featuring a few of Austin’s locals firing up a batch of their very own queso in all of it’s cheesy glory for SXSW attendees.


Taco Party with Pintrest

Tacos and Pintrest means I was surrounded my women who are all obsessed with the social media platform that has been one of the biggest influences in nearly everyone’s kitchen for the past few years.


#OffTheMenu Food Tour with Bravo TV

Bravo TV visited SXSW with a grand scheme of a glorious food crawl to some of Austin’s best restaurants. We slurped our way through a bowl of ramen at Ramen Tat-su-ya before visiting 3 more delicious spots to complete our calorie filled quest.


SXSouth Bites – Ramen Burger 

We heard a rumor that someone was selling Ramen burgers at SXSouth Bites, so we followed the smell of broth and the sounds of suddle sound of slups mixed with bites and found our treasure.  The Ramen burger is real and its delicious!


Free Franklin BBQ and NO LINE!

Rumors are sometimes half truths SXSW, but when we heard there was free Franklin BBQ during the festival we had to investigate.  Eventually found providence and connected with Verizon Wireless and #ATXunite for their take over at Franklin. We ate our asses off and even saw Aaron Franklin himself having a few laughs with everyone.

Rachel Ray’s Feedback Party

Rachel Ray always throws the best SXSW Party and Blue Moon is always on board to provide cold beer for the occasion. This has been one of our favorite parties to attend every year during the festival and Rachel Ray never disappoints the crowd with a few of her favorite bands in the house to provide excellent music and always, great food!


Go East young man – Jacoby’s

We took a nice healthy break for a few unhealthy bites at Jacoby’s. Chicken fried steak nuggets and strawberry cupcakes fulfilled every nugget of hunger we desired.


Eating Healthy for a change – True Food Kitchen’s launch

True Food Kitchen officially opened their doors during SXSW so we stopped by for a friends and family tasting full of delicious, and this time – healthy eats!  We ate healthy but didn’t exactly eat small, so it made up for an unhealthy difference.


The SXSW Meat Coma Continues – La Barbecue

Yes we ate more BBQ, this time at our favorite spot in town – La Barbecue. We’ve obviously eaten an enormous amount barbecue at this year’s festival, but hey, it’s SXSW and that’s what’s expected of us.

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