Sway Thai restaurant is presenting a fully revamped brunch menu that boasts traditional Thai flavors merged with Southern comfort-style cuisine for a unique brunch experience.  Their new menu will become available at Sway South 1st on Saturday, June 30th and Sway Rock Rose on Saturday, July 7th.  Brunch is available from 11am – 3pm every Saturday and Sunday.SWAY Thai Revamped Brunch Menu

“The team is incredibly excited to launch a new brunch menu that has been over six months in the making,” says Sway’s Corporate Executive Chef Charles Schlienger. “When we think brunch, we think Southern food like fried chicken & biscuits. We want to offer what people already know and love, but incorporate traditional Thai ingredients to give them that Sway Thai flair.”


Chef Schlienger and Chefs de Cuisine Stacey Jones and Mallory Kuehn worked together to create a signature menu that delicately infuses the aroma and spice of Thai cuisine into time-honored brunch recipes.  Menu highlights include:


  • Chiang Mai Chili: A Thai-meets-Texas classic with fermented black bean and pork chili, rice “corn chips,” crispy chicken skins, coconut cream, pickled okra and fresno, marinated tofu, chive blossoms and herbs


  • Moo Sway Congee: Savory dish featuring coconut rice grits topped with seasonal pickled greens, sugar-cured pork butt, son-in-law egg and Thai chili


  • The French Toast: Inspired by Thailand’s popular mango sticky rice dessert, showcasing toasted rice and mango bread custard, caramelized banana, toasted sesame seed and coconut cream


  • Chia Seed Bowl: Light and refreshing vegan dish with chia coconut pudding, puffed rice granola, and seasonal fruits


The beverage menu also features innovative takes on popular brunch cocktails, such as a hibiscus grapefruit mimosa, spicy bloody mary and more.


For more information, please visit Sway’s website, swaythai.com, or follow the restaurant on Facebook (/swaythai) and Instagram (@swaythai).


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