Odd Duck debuted it’s brunch in May and it’s been a smash hit ever since!  James Beard finalist, Bryce Gilmore’s talent in the kitchen is about as impressive as blockbuster performance from Tom Hanks.  Combine a fantastic menu, a comfortable covered patio, mixed with that south/central Austin charm makes this spot an absolute MUST on anyone’s summer brunch list. Menu options like Tater Tot Hash, Fried Egg Sandwich with house cured spied bacon, and a Bear Claw (yes that Bear Claw) makes this Odd Duck the star of South Lamar.


Soft Shell Crab over Cheese Stone Grits

The fried softshell crab and cheese grits is a hell of a way to kick start your brunch experience at Odd Duck.   The crab is extra crispy and perfectly juicy, grits have a bit of homemade goodness added to them, topped off with corn making this an excellent dish to get your appetite started.  

Tater Tot Hash

Confit of goat, poached egg, and brown butter hollandaise. I love tater tots, but this isn’t your typical substandard pre-frozen tots at your local fast food drive through.  These little crispy morsels of joy are house made and flat out delicious.  Mixed confit of goat, a poached egg and savory hollandaise sauce, trust me, prepare to be hooked!

Bear Claw Pastry

House-made bear claw with, almonds, plums. Flaky, warm and sweet.  This is not your average bear claw you’ll pick up from your neighborhood donut shop.  It’s one of the finest pastries, outside of a bakery you’ll ever eat!  Don’t just look at it, order it!

Breakfast Taco

Scrambled eggs, potato, fried pork skin, hot sauce.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Grilled bacon, gouda, pickles, onion. Do you see a giant slice of house-made spiced bacon on this sandwich?  Good, stop delaying and eat it up!