Still buzzing from Earth Day?  Join Bee Delightful, an Austin-based honey company, at their Pollinator-to-Table Dinner this Wednesday, April 25th at Barr Mansion.  Bee Delightful is on a mission to save 1 million Texas honey bees this spring.  As you may know, the honey bee population has declined sharply in recent years, which jeopardizes the food supply.

In their efforts to protect the honey bee population, Bee Delightful contributes to bee removal from residential properties.  Rescued colonies are transported safely to sanctuary properties and, when the time is right, beekeepers carefully harvest the honey to create Canna Bees, a raw honey blend infused with Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive byproduct of cannabis (the use of CBD was legalized by the Texas Compassionate Use Act, signed by Governor Abbot in 2015).

In fact, a rescued colony will be making an appearance at Barr Mansion, where attendees will enjoy live music and curated cuisine that highlights the use of both honey and CBD.  The price of your ticket contributes to Bee Delightful’s mission to rescue Texas bees.  We chatted to co-founder Seth Nyer to learn more.

bee delightful


Q: What will happen on the bee rescue directly before the event?

“The nature of the rescue is a surprise!  We’ll be relocating the rescued bees to Barr Mansion the day of the event. 10 of our VIP guests will get a private viewing of the 1st part of the rescue from 5-6pm.  All other guests will have an opportunity to see the bees between 6:30-8pm.”


Q: When and why did you begin working with CBD?

“Skyler Johnstone, founder, moved to Texas from Seattle at the end of 2016. Most people in Texas did not know what CBD was and he saw an opportunity to educate the largest market in the US.  Seth Nyer, co-founder, and Johnstone met and deliberated with food and wellness consultants on how to create the healthiest edible with CBD. Raw honey aids in the bioavailability of CBD, helping you digest and absorb it faster through your throat and gut.  Raw honey also has a host of symbiotic benefits: anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  After deciding on raw honey as the vehicle, they set out to tell the most compelling socially conscientious story they could about the bees, committing to sourcing the finest honey from treatment free apiaries and using proceeds to sponsor free rescues for people in the community.” 


Q: How do donations and purchases of Canna Bees contribute to saving Texas bees?

“Our first social commitment was to sponsor the rescue of 40 colonies of honey bees in our first year as a social brand. We surprise people who have made the call to rescue operators and intend on doing the right thing.  Each colony has between 20k and 100k honey bees.  We used 25k bees as our metric.  40 x 25k = 1 million bees!” 


Tickets to the Pollinator-to-Table Dinner are available here.  Canna Bees is available on the Bee Delightful website, People’s Rx, and Thom’s.  If you have bees on your property, Bee Delightful may surprise you with free removal!  Remember, in the name of the world food supply:  Don’t Exterminate—RELOCATE.

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