Sausage Party was one of the most anticipated movie to premiere at SXSW, and it’s finally here! It’s got everything you want in a blockbuster. Sex, drugs, and of course, talking wieners!

Sausage Party has the trappings of a kids cartoon with the raunchiness we expect from a Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg comedy! This original story of how food is chosen from the store and then ultimately meets its fate tackles deeply philosophical questions about life. What is our purpose? Who is our maker? Why are they called baby carrots?!

This movie was brought to life by animation veterans Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon. Their combination of adult themes and quirky animated characters is certainly refreshing. It whips up childhood emotions with grown up sensibilities to create a shockingly comedic scenario.

With a slew of gifted actors lending their voices (Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig), this is the can’t miss action/comedy/wiener adventure of the summer.

See Sausage Party in theaters this weekend!


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Alamo Draft House banh mi 2

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