sushi1Austin’s favorite sushi diner, Roll On Sushi Diner, has set its sights on offering a more complete dining experience for the casual sushi lover. Guests can now enjoy the added experience of group seating (for up to 12 people), the addition of several traditional sushi options to the menu, and a revamped beer, wine, and sake cocktail list.

Whether at the group tables or at the sushi bar, guests can also enjoy traditional menu options that include nigiri and sashimi pieces a la carte as well as a variety of maki rolls. New rolls include The Cherry Blossom featuring avocado, cucumber, and salmon wrapped with bigeye tuna, and topped with creamy garlic sauce and Roll On crunch; as well as The Jalapeno Business featuring bigeye tuna, asparagus, and cucumber topped with hamachi, fresh jalapenos, and Roll On chimichurri.

To celebrate the new group seating and traditional sushi options on the menu, Roll On will feature specials on Friday, July 11 through Sunday, July 13. Guests will be able to enjoy free samples of new menu items including rolls and starters. Additionally, guests can enjoy sake, beer, and wine specials featuring $1 house sake, $1 sake bombs, and $1 Bud Lights.

roll on sushi