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I’ve been wanting to dine at Southern’s since trying their chicken fried bacon with a bourbon cream sauce at the Bacon and Bourbon festival. That tasty contribution got me excited to see what the rest of the menu had to offer.

I came hungry and ready for anything, but I got more than just delicious food, I also had an amazing conversation with Chef Steve Southern himself.  We spoke about his rise to fame in fine dining, him quitting the business to pursue work as a stuntman and wrestler, and my favorite, cooking. The man doesn’t take himself too seriously and it was absolutely refreshing to sit and chat over bourbon and lunch.

The brunch at Southern’s which goes on every Sunday 9am-2pm, is an intrigue of a buffet with so much going on. From pastries to an omelette station, it seems to have everything for brunch lovers. The chef started me with a creamy crab dip, which was pretty good, but the tater tots were so much better! A childhood favorite with an adult twist. House made, crispy golden tots served with a truffle aioli.

My favorite was the macaroni and cheese flight. You read right, a mac and cheese flight! I’ve had some good mac in my day, but Southern’s was remarkable so remarkable bringing back a classic pasta giving you several delicious versions to choose from.  I enjoyed the black truffle, the lobster, and the bacon with caramelized onions flights, served to perfection in miniature cast iron skillets.  It was a real treat and I didn’t have any for a doggy bag.

If you find yourself north of 183, Southern’s PBK is a great detour in an old part of Pflugerville for true down home food lovers who want that a rich, comforting meal with a chef’s touch.  No fuss, just really good food.

111 E Main St
Pflugerville, Texas

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