Texas has another great tasting canned hard seltzer cocktail entering the now popular beverage game.  Introducing RancH2O, a ready-to-drink canned cocktail brand that delivers a bold kick of real spirits and a refreshingly smooth taste with just the pop of a tab. RancH2O boasts real liquor, perfectly mixed and ready to serve right out of the can with only 150 calories and 7.0 % ABV.


RancH2O offers four great tasting premium canned cocktails including Ranch Water, Classic Marg, Vodka Soda with a hint of cranberry, and Gin Fizz with a hint of lime. Big in flavor and low in sugar and carbs, each can is only 150 calories and a proud 7.0% ABV (except Classic Marg at 6.5% ABV). Perfect for every season and any reason, the Texas-based brand champions good times, great conversations, and long-lasting friendships with its mantra “kick back and stay awhile.”


Available as an easy-to-go four-pack served in standard 12-oz. cans, RancH2O cocktails are sold for a suggested retail price of $13.99 at most major liquor stores across the state and through online retailers like Drizly and Minibar.


The four flavors include:

Ranch Water

Texas’ version of a skinny margarita, this cocktail has a legend as big as Texas.  A hint of sweet with a touch of salt, Ranch Water is simple: premium tequila, sparkling water, and a squeeze of lime.

Classic Marg

A national favorite, the Classic Marg is made with premium tequila, sparkling water, lime, and dash of orange.  This cocktail is slightly sweeter than its cousin, the Ranch Water, but not as tart as margaritas you’ll get from the local taqueria.  

Vodka Soda

Made with six-time-distilled vodka, sparkling water, and a splash of cranberry, this beloved cocktail is not too sweet, tart, or syrupy.

Gin Fizz

Made with exclusive gin, sparkling water, and a hint of lime, our Gin Fizz will make you feel refined and polished, even though you’re drinking from a can.  



RancH2O was founded by native Texan Amelia Lettieri, who serves as the brand’s CEO and has conveniently packaged the spirit of Texas and serves it in 12 oz. cans for all to enjoy responsibly.

The name RancH2O is a play on the words Ranch and H2O and is named after the brand’s flagship product, Ranch Water. Known as the “Unofficial Cocktail of West Texas,” ranch water is a mix of tequila, lime, and soda water that has a long history and many Texas-sized fables as to its origin.


“Just like its original predecessor, our cocktails use real liquor – tequila, vodka, and gin – and proof is in the proof! We are proud of our 6.5% to 7.0% ABV. You can taste the difference, and canned convenience means nothing if it doesn’t taste great,” explains Amelia.


Distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, the company released Ranch Water, Classic Marg, and Vodka Soda with cranberry throughout the great state of Texas before introducing them to other parts of the country. Gin Fizz will be released in Spring 2021.

For more information and to find a store location, visit www.RancH2OSpirits.com, or follow @ranch2o on social media.

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