By Marika Flatt & Rebecca Gamache

Summer is here and, with swimsuit season, it is time to get back into that workout and healthy lifestyle routine! It’s no secret that the solution to healthy living starts in the kitchen. What we put into our bodies can determine not just our weight, but our moods, energy, and so much more! We are obsessing over these juicing products and the latest exercise accessories! These products should help you get jump-started on your juicing and fitness program.

From T-fal USA comes T-fal Balanced Living Juicer to get your healthy eating on track. Designed with a two-speed setting and a whole food feeding tube, the T-fal Juicer can make healthy fruit and vegetable juices in seconds. Both efficient and safe, the juicer also has a metal locking arm for added safety and is certified safe by Parent Tested, Parent Approved.

The directions are easy to follow and outline important safeguards. The 550-watt motor had plenty of “juice” and the unit is easy to assemble. When juicing in bulk, you may have to frequently give the pulp collector a cleaning but this is so easy and quick. The juicer is able to take on almost any fruit and veggie you can think of. The large 1.25-liter pitcher that the juice drips into comes with a stainless steel foam separator and a small toothbrush that assists with cleaning the sieve, making the upkeep of the T-fal efficient and safe.

The T-fal Balanced Living Juice Extractor is available at and retailers nationwide for $79.99.

The IMUSA Citrus Juicer will be the main squeeze in your kitchen. The sleek, contemporary design provides an easy-to-use one-lever operation when making juice. The sturdy cast base and non-slip rubber feet provide stability when squeezing your favorite citrus fruits. And don’t worry about pesky pulp and seeds! A stainless steel strainer separates seeds and pulp from the juice as it flows into the matching stainless steel cup. Try fresh orange or grapefruit juice at breakfast for a healthy start to your day or freshly squeezed lemons for a homemade lemonade that will impress your guests! The manual juicer extracts juice from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits easily and efficiently.

Available at Walmart and; SRP $19.99

For those of you who may not have the time to set aside and make your own juice, try LO Fruit Beverage, a healthy alternative to the sugary or diet carbonated drinks you might normally turn to. LO is a low sugar, low carb, and low calorie fruit beverage that tastes great when mixed in a cocktail, added to seltzer, combined with smoothies, or sipped alone. It can even be made into jello or popsicles. In line with the new FDA nutrition label proposal, LO nutrition labels correspond accordingly to the entire package. What you see on the label is exactly what you get! LO is currently available at HEB.

End your day of healthy eating with guilt-free dessert! With the Yonanas Maker, indulging in sweets is both delicious and nutritious. This innovative appliance emulsifies ONLY frozen fruit into a healthy treat that looks, tastes, and feels like soft-serve ice cream. Unlike other dessert makers, no other ingredients are needed, such as milk, cream, sugar, yogurt or soy – which makes Yonanas perfect for vegans, diabetics and those who are lactose intolerant. Purchase your Yonanas machine at

After you’ve had your fresh squeezed juice for a boost of energy, strap on a SYNC GPS Watch and get running! SYNC GPS tracks your speed, distance, pace, and burned calories, all while collecting GPS data from your smart phone. Whether you are running your daily route, taking a walk around the mall, or grabbing groceries at the mall, just keep your phone in your pocket or purse. SYNC GPS Watch[] ($79.99)

For even more watch power, try SYNC Burn, a heart rate powered, calorie-burn tracker that blends a person’s ECG accurate heart rate along with their intensity of motion to calculate a 24-hour fitness read. Your calorie burn is tracked all day, even during your sedentary time periods. Data is showcased in hourly, daily and weekly accomplishments in an easy-to-read bar chart on the band. ($99.99)

SYNC Elite offers a more affordable activity tracker that still captures motion data all day. Elite tracks core metrics such as distance, steps, speed, and calories burned. This watch is able to save 30 days of memory and offers you the same top quality fitness tracking as the rest of the SYNC Product Line but leaves a little extra cash in your pocket with the reasonable price of $39.99.

The SYNC Product Line has many products for people with various fitness habits and can be found online or at your nearest Walmart, Best Buy, Sports Authority, or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Each watch syncs with MapMyFitness apps, and don’t worry about charging your SYNC watches; battery life lasts an entire year for each of these models!

Feel the burn and do it fashionably with chicBuds fun and affordable accessories that are designed for girls by girls! Crank up your favorite pump-up tune with chicBuds PORTA/PARTY Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Small enough to toss in a gym bag, you can blast your workout playlist wherever you go. At the affordable price of $49.99, the chicBuds PORTA/PARTY Bluetooth Wireless Speaker combines fashion and function, which is sure to make any girl energized to exercise!

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It is very common for exercise shorts and pants to lack pockets, so where do you put your wallet and phone? chicBuds Phoebe ONESIE IPhone 5/5s Wallet Case is stylish, functional, and can be used in every aspect of your day! This wallet has space for two credit cards, a hidden mirror, a secure wristlet strap and magnet closure to add protection for your belongings. The case’s easy screen access makes it simple to flip the case open and update your workout apps or change your tunes to the next pump-up song! The Phoebe ONESIE retails at $24.99.

Pair your new Phoebe ONESIE case with chicBuds Phoebe LUV/BUDS earphones to make all the ladies at the gym jealous of your fabulous workout accessories. LUV/BUDS earphones share the same floral/plaid print as the ONESIE case and PORTA/PARTY speaker. Made specifically for women, you are sure to get a good fit with notoriously small sized ear tips. Never stress about tangled earphones again. These earphones are made with fashionably printed flat cords and a microphone to make and receive phone calls on the fly. Perfect for the girl on the go. Phoebe LUV/BUDS can be purchased for only $29.99.

Rehydrate in style with your Original Bobble water bottle or Bobble Sport. Beyond a hip-looking water bottle, Bobble will help you do your part to aid in protecting the environment. Connected to the lid of the bottle is a bobble filter equivalent to saving 300 plastic water bottles from the landfill. The Original Bobble comes in a transparent body ranging in sizes from 13-30 oz. and prices of $8.99-$12.99. The Bobble Sport comes in a transparent colored body, holds 24 oz. and is priced at $9.99. Available at and these national retailers.

Exercising in the Texas sun can be extremely hot and dangerous for your skin. Make sure to put on this Wallaroo Hat on your afternoon walk to keep your face and neck cool and comfortable. Perfect for exercise, a day on the beach, or time spent in the garden, the Wallaroo hat is sure to make a fashion statement while providing the shade you need. A hidden internal drawstring adjusts to fit most sizes and is available here for $52.

Follow up your workout with Be Skinny, an all-natural, fat-free pineapple and cranberry flavored drink that helps to suppress your appetite and eliminate excessive snacking. This 2 oz. drink contains saffron, a natural appetite suppressant that will help to keep you out of the pantry and fit into that little black dress and compliment your healthy lifestyle!

Fast food isn’t the only type food that can be delivered to your door. For the busy mom with active kids, try NatureBox, a leading online subscription service for healthy snack food delivering approximately 20 servings of five individual, nutritionist-approved items that are sourced by local growers/independent food producers to consumers’ doors each month. Leave the nutrition label reading up to NatureBox. They’ve got you covered on healthy snacking for just $19.95 a month. Purchase your subscription at

Rainbow Light’s Advanced Nutritional System ($53.99) and Nail, Hair, & Skin Connection ($19.99) provide essential ingredients to reduce stress and promote healthy skin, hair and nails. You can find these vitamins at natural retailers and specialty stores throughout the U.S., including: Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Nail Hair and Skin

New one-of-a-kind Vitamints do the duty of your daily vitamin but look and taste like a mint! With a tin small enough to fit your purse, gym bag, or even a back pocket, Vitamints can be taken anytime, anywhere, even without food or water. These mints come in variants of Immune, Energy, Calm, Focus, and Multi for Women. Just four tablets per day help provide the recommended daily average of several vitamins and minerals. Find a tin of 60 Vitamints at your nearest Walgreens for just $4.99.

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