Parkside Projects, Chef Shawn Cirkiel’s restaurant group, is presenting a series of educational and lively classes on a variety of lesser-explored libations in their upcoming Beverage Class Series. Each class will explore a specific theme and be hosted at one of the restaurants throughout the year. The first class in the series,presented by Parkside Projects Beverage Director and Advanced Sommelier Paul Ozbirn, takes place Sunday, Feb. 21 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Chef Cirkiel’s new Spanish eatery, Bullfight, and will highlight Spain’s most beloved fortified wine: sherry.

As part of this special sherry class ($32.50 per person), Ozbirn will present guests with between six and eight tastings of different sherries and a carefully curated packet of tasting notes highlighting the backstory and characteristics of each sherry. During the 90-minute class, Ozbirn will impart specific information about each sherry, including the unique history, flavors and styles, and producers long involved in cultivating this popular Spanish wine. Bullfight will also provide family-style snacks from Chef Ryan Shields, the perfect and classic complement to sherry from the South of Spain.

Other upcoming special tasting events in the Parkside Projects Beverage Class Series, also hosted by Ozbirn, include the April 18 class on amari, the treasured herbal Italian liqueur,hosted at Chef Cirkiel’s Southern Italian eatery, Olive & June; the June 14 class on vermouth, an aromatized and fortified wine, hosted at Bullfight; an early August class on grappa, the unique grape-based Italian brandy, hosted at Olive & June; a late-September class on the classic digestif, brandy, hosted at Chef Cirkiel’s Sixth Street gastropub, Parkside; and a mid-November holiday season class on the most prestigious whisky sipper, scotch, hosted at Olive & June. Each class will include a tasting-notes packet from Ozbirn, information and history about each spirit, and an array of Italian bites from Chef Justin Rupp, Spanish tapas from Chef Shields or farm-to-table pub nibbles from Chef Nathan Lemley.

Tickets for each class ($32.50 per person) in the Parkside Projects Beverage Class Series will be available in advance on the Parkside Projects website,, as well as on each respective restaurant’s website.



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