Twisted, the UK’s number one food and drink brand on social media, has launched its second new cooking show this month ‘What’s In Your Fridge?’ in response to the coronavirus epidemic and the effects it is having on people’s mealtimes. 

Lockdown life doesn’t have to mean lacklustre mealtimes, so Twisted is bringing audiences their second new quarantine cuisine series ‘What’s In Your Fridge?’ to show home cooks just how creative they can get with limited ingredients at their disposal. 

Every week the Twisted team reach out to their audience of 4.9 million followers on Instagram and ask them to share photos on their own Instagram Story of what they have in their fridge with the hashtag #whatsinyourfridge. The team then reviews all of the entries, assessing what they have seen in people’s fridges the most, and go on to create a special recipe using the ingredients they’ve seen. 

Helping their audience to cook delicious things whilst at home using what they already have in the fridge, Twisted hope the new series will also help to reduce food waste and encourage people to use what they’ve got instead of heading out to the shops if they don’t have to.

The first episode of What’s In Your Fridge is brought to us by Twisted Chef Sophie, who saw a lot of cream cheese in people’s fridges as well as jarred red peppers, which she uses as the base for a Creamy Red Pepper Gnocchi. Throughout the episode Sophie also presents alternatives that people can use if they don’t have the ingredients she’s using, which is what Twisted is all about, experimenting with food and trying new things.

Twisted’s first lockdown inspired series ‘Corner Shop Challenge’ launched last week and featured Twisted Chef Sophie in the first episode, who made a flavourful recipe for Pea Tikka Masala, with ingredients that cost less than £5, serve two people, and can be found at your local corner shop. 

The Twisted ethos ‘unserious food tastes seriously good’ permeates through all of Twisted’s recipes and their attitude to cooking and eating, which they firmly believe should be a fun and experimental endeavour. With the increase in time at home, Twisted hopes to inspire their 30 million+ followers to throw the ‘rulebook’ out the window and come up with their own recipes and twists on classics, making good use of the ingredients that they have at their disposal. 

Twisted will be launching more new series in the coming weeks that are all designed around helping their audience and everyone beyond it to get creative with cooking during lockdown life and beyond.