By: Lela Jamalabad

It is hard to find someone that can resist the taste of a cold creamy creation that we call the soft serve ice cream. For all the ice cream lovers out there, today is your day! Soft serve really melts our hearts, with its delicious vanilla flavor, soft as a cloud texture, and its convenient price and accessibility. For you ice cream aficionados, some fun facts are below- enjoy your National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day!

colored soft                    soft serve rainbow

Soft Serve Fun Facts

  • Soft serve was invented in the 1930’s by the founders of Dairy Queen and the Carvel chain.
  • Soft serve ice cream is full of air, giving it its fluffy texture.
  • Soft serve is served at -5°F, as compared to regular ice cream that is -23°F.
  • Since soft serve is made with 40-50% air added into it, it is lower in fat compared to regular ice cream.

 green soft                                 pinn

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  1. nonik

    Is the rainbow colored soft serve ice cream is real?
    If yes, how do they make it and where can I find a place which sell it?

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