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Yikes Only ONE MORE DAY of Shopping until Christmas!

 Need a hostess gift? Choose the Holiday Weekender.
Shopping for a foodie? Try Gift of the Mongers.
Hipster? The French Connection.
Client? The Cavemaster Collection.
“It girl”? La Dolce Vita.
Creature of Comfort? Greatest Hits.
And the one who has everything? He doesn’t have Murray’s Cavemaster Collection!
Let the tempting begin:
1. The Holiday Weekender – $65  NEW THIS YEAR! Hosting is an art, and as any artist knows, you need to feed the muse if you want her to inspire. Give this collection of sweet, salty and savory treats to your favorite host or hostess and you’ll never be left off the guest list. It’s perfect to share… and even better to save for when the crowd’s gone home.
2. Cavemaster Collection – $80  NEW THIS YEAR!  This is what a tour of our cheese caves tastes like: our cavemaster selects unique cheeses from passionate American artisans, dresses them up, pats them down and sings them to pitch-perfect ripeness. You won’t find these extra-special cheeses anywhere else!
3. Gift of the Mongers – $145  NEW THIS YEAR!  Ask a cheesemonger what she dreams about and THIS is what she’ll describe: a bountiful assortment of unforgettable cheeses, charcuterie and pairings that found a place in our hearts and bellies this year—all of our favorites are included.
4. La Dolce Vita – $95  What to bring for Sunday supper…how about a Roman holiday? There’s something for the whole famiglia in this feast that’s overflowing with Italian cheeses, salumi and snacks. Bellisima!
5. Greatest Hits – $75  Like belting “Don’t Stop Believin’” on karaoke night, these cheeses hit the spot every time. It’s a well-rounded playlist—the solid gold go-to’s –cheeses from American and Europe that we reach for time and time again because they top the charts on all occasions.
6. The French Connection – $80 Bring the sidewalk café to their home with savory, sophisticated flavors and vibrant cheeses that will take you for a walk down memory boulevard. Paired with crackers and a jar of zesty black cherry jam, it’s all that and a bag of je ne sais quoi. 
7. American Splendor – $40  NEW THIS YEAR!  Lush New England hillsides produce sublime views, vibrant fruit and rich, grassy cheeses. We fill a rustic sack with sweet and savory snacks that’ll take you there, no matter where you’re sitting.  Bring your own vista.
8. Cheese for Beginners – $85  Taste and learn cheese basics with this curiosity-satisfying collection. A generous assortment of textures and flavors, and a Boska presentation knife, will put aspiring curd nerds in your life on the path to becoming bona fide cheese experts.
9. The New Yorker – $95  We tried to box up a yellow cab full of skyscrapers and big dreams, but we went with the best edible souvenirs our home state has to offer: fabulous local cheeses, paired with apple butter, chocolate and crackers. If we can make it here, you can eat it anywhere.
10. Top Shelf – $195 This luxurious crème de la crème of gift boxes was designed for die-hard foodies for whom only the finest will do. It’s a jaw-dropping, show-stopping, thank-you-list-topping gift to beat all gifts. We brought our A game; so should you.
11. Tapas Time – $70  NEW THIS YEAR!  A fiesta can happen when you least expect it, so be prepared with some superb Spanish party favors, including cheese, tortas, almonds and honey.  Serious sabor abounds in this colorful spread that will have you and your party running with the bulls in no time—just add a splash of Rioja.
12. Build Your Own Gift – Starting at $15  Fill’er up! Customize your own gift boxes with our easy-to-use online drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create hunger-inducing gift crates of Murray’s cheese, meats, tools and goodies at
13. Monthly Clubs  Is Aunt Betty mad for meat? Cousin Ralph’s looking to expand his palate? We’ve discovered the secret to keeping loved ones happy ALL YEAR: send them a box of cheeses, meats and accompaniments every month! Choose from a variety of options: 4 Months | 6 Months | An Entire Delicious Year!
About Murray’s Cheese
Murray’s is the nation’s leading cheese destination, dubbed by Forbes as “the best cheese shop in the world.” Founded in 1940 in the heart of Greenwich Village, Murray’s has a vital part of New York’s rich food history.  Owner and President Rob Kaufelt has grown the Murray’s family of businesses over the past two decades, which includes two flagship stores and a restaurant in New York City, a wholesale business that supplies fine restaurants, and a mail order business that ships cheese nationwide.  Murray’s partnership with The Kroger Company currently includes more than 80 Murray’s Cheese counters within supermarkets nationwide. For locations, visit