Petal ™ Sparkling Botanical Blends, pioneer of the new sparkling botanical beverage category and leader in delivering the “power of flowers,” has teamed up with famed mixologist Ivy Mix to bring the wellness benefits of flowers to easy-to-make-at-home cocktails and mocktails that are a twist on well-known classics.


In recognition of the growing trends around healthier drinking – including the explosion of hard seltzers and non-alcoholic beverage alternatives — all the recipes are either low-alcohol or alcohol-free.  Each also provides the added wellness benefits derived from the floral extracts and essences that are included in all Petal products. Relaxation, stress-reduction, and mood enhancement, as well as inflammation reduction and immune support, are all benefits associated with the botanical ingredients in Petal beverages. In addition, all the recipes feature lower calories, sugar or carbohydrates than their traditional versions.


Among the twists on the classic and popular cocktails created by Mix for Petal is the Mint Rose-jito – a spin on the classic mojito, featuring Petal’s Mint Rose flavor.


Mint Rose-jito

Muddle 2-3 sugar snap peas (whole peas in pods) in 1/2 oz St Germaine in a collins glass

Add 1 oz vodka

Squeeze of 1 lemon wedge

Add crushed ice

Top with 4 oz Petal Sparkling Botanical Blends Mint Rose

Garnish with mint sprig

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