Brothers and owners, Chip and Chad Reed of Roll On Sushi Diner, invited us to invited us to sample some of their delicious new menu options at their hip location now open in the AMLI apartment/shopping development at 5350 Burnet Road Rd.  This fast-food style sushi bar features a hip and modern style atmosphere for those looking for a quick but enjoyable sushi experience for two, or for quick take out.
The reasonably priced menu includes traditional nigiri and sashimi pieces, as well as a variety of makirolls, along with tastings from the revamped beer, wine, and sake cocktail list.
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New rolls include The Cherry Blossom featuring avocado, cucumber, and salmon wrapped with bigeye tuna, and topped with creamy garlic sauce and Roll On crunch; as well as The Jalapeno Business featuring bigeye tuna, asparagus, and cucumber topped with hamachi, fresh jalapenos, and Roll On chimichurri.
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Traditional sushi enthusiast will enjoy the maki options here.  Salmon, cucumber, tuna, and California rolls remain on the menu at a reasonable price starting at $3.95 each, which is suitable if that’s your thing. If you want to enhance your experience and add a little flare sampling, try  the Guaca-rolly featuring tuna and tempura shrimp, lime guacamole with spicy mayo.  Perhaps you have a little sweet tooth.  Try the Elvis Roll featuring deep-fried peanut butter, banana, & bacon topped with chocolate sauce.  We’re not sure if The King ate sushi in his day, but I suspect he would approve!

Roll On Sushi Diner
5350 Burnet Rd.
Mon.-Sat., 11am-2:30pm, 5-9pm


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