By Marika Flatt, travel editor


You’re rushing home from a long day at work and pondering what to do for dinner. For most Americans, when we think of take-out or delivery, we think of pizza and Asian food. But, here in Austin, we like to think healthy, too. Mama Fu’s Asian House, who has a large presence in the capital city with several locations sprinkled throughout, realizes that we need fast, healthy, tasty food; and, sometimes, we need it delivered.


Their restaurants, like the one downtown on Colorado, are small and only seat a limited number of diners. But, that’s OK, because people don’t come into Mama Fu’s to sit a spell. They come in to order off the simple, but thorough, menu, eat their meal, and move on. And, with a large percentage of their business being delivery, carryout and catering, it’s not a problem that their storefronts are intimate.DSC06745PP


OrangePeelMamu Fu’s specializes in five Asian cuisines: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Korean.  Their focus is on fresh ingredients and they pride themselves on offering healthy options, including gluten-free choices.


The menu is broken down into rice, noodles and salads. You can choose from a standard dish or you can create your own masterpiece by adding a protein and veggies of your choice. Mama Fu’s pleased their fans recently by creating a lunch trio option under $10 that includes a decent-sized entrée, a choice of several sides and a drink.


The super-secret (OK, the secret is out) Black Market Menu is for those customers who are of the adventurous nature, willing try a new dish and serve as the restaurant’s guinea pig or they just want something a little different than what they see on the regular menu. Mama Fu’s tries to get feedback from diners on these Black Market menu selections and, the more popular ones find themselves promoted to the regular menu.


For those tech-savvy foodies—and isn’t everyone in Austin?—you can get the Mama Fu’s mobile app and make selections easily from your phone (think: ordering dinner as your plane taxis on the tarmac), join their Funatics Club and follow them on Twitter: @mamafus.


CEO of Mama Fu’s Asian House, Randy Murphy, says his favorites include the Bangkok Green Curry, the Vietnamese Vermicelli, and the Spicy General Fu. I would heartily recommend the Thai Cashew Stir Fry.


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