Normally, world-champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut would be participating in a taco-eating challenge on National Taco Day but this year’s event has been cancelled. Taking matters into his own hands, Chestnut decided to create and chow down on the world’s largest walking taco.

“When I was in middle school I’d go to the 7-Eleven and get a bag of Doritos,” said Chestnut. “I’d go to the free chili and nacho cheese at 7-Eleven and I’d use that. The guy would eyeball me when I was taking the chili and cheese but the sign said it was free.”

In his latest YouTube video, Chestnut can be seen cooking the beef and assembling a 12-pound walking taco, including:

  • Two pounds of Doritos

  • Three pounds of ground beef

  • Two pounds of cheese

  • One and a half pounds of salsa

  • Onions

  • Six avocados

  • Sour cream

  • Joey Chestnut Green Hatch and Jalapeno Sauce

“It’s a beautiful mess,” said Chestnut. He started the challenge using a large spoon to help mix the ingredients and shovel bites into his mouth. Used to timed competitions, Chestnut holds several world records including 182 chicken wings in 30 minutes, 75 Nathan’s Hot Dogs and buns in 10 minutes and 141 hard boiled eggs in eight minutes.

Viewers will watch as Chestnut begins sweating and belching to make room. “It’s taking longer than I thought,” said Chestnut.

Chestnut consumed the 12-pound concoction in 38 minutes, 42 seconds and ended National Taco Day with a beer, belly rub and nap. “Man, that was tasty. I was a little worried. It starts getting a little dry when you start mixing it in. That was an epic walking taco.”