Grab your salt and lime wedge and partake in celebrating National Tequila Day! With so many choices and types of tequila, you’re sure to find a favorite to suit your taste. Tequila is made from the distillation of the juice of the blue agave plant and is classified into 5 categories: Gold, Silver, Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo. GOLD: Getting its color from caramel coloring thats added before fermentation, gold tequila isn’t typically aged and contain approx 51% agave tequila. SILVER: Also called Blanco, is aged only a couple of weeks and is considered the best type to mix in cocktails and commonly seen in margaritas.

REPOSADO: (my personal favorite) Take on the gold hue from the barrels they’re aged in and rests anywhere from 2 months to a year before they are bottled. Reposado means ‘rest’ in Spanish. Taste comes from either an oak or white oak barrel and is different based on the distillery. ANEJO: This type of tequila is best for sipping as their taste is smoother due to being aged 1 to 3 years and are darker in color.

EXTRA ANEJO: The most expensive of the tequila types, this tequila is aged for over 3 years. The longer the aging, the better the flavor. Not recommended to shoot or mix, but rather sip and enjoy. Which brand to choose? You can never go wrong going with local owners.


dulce-vita-tequilaDULCE VIDA: Check out the 5-year anniversary Limited Edition tequila. 100% proof tequila, this celebratory Extra Anejo was rested for just over 5 years in single barrels from a Napa Valley winery.

ambharAMBHAR: Small batch tequila offering 3 types of tequila. TEQUILA 512: This premium tequila won a Double Gold and Best in Show at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Features a Blanco, Reposado and coming soon, an Anejo.

republic tequilaREPUBLIC TEQUILA: Unique Texas-shaped bottle. Comes in Plata, Anejo and Reposado. CLASE AZUL: Recently launched a new product called Durango and just celebrated their 16th anniversary. http:// Most people drink tequila in margaritas or as a shot, but it’s also a great spirit to mix with. Try these recipes for something a little different.



512 CUCUMBER CALIENTE – from Tequila 512 website 2 oz Tequila 512 Blanco 3 slices of fresh jalapeno (or to taste) 3 slices of peeled cucumber 1 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz St Germain In a glass, muddle the cucumber and jalapeno slices. Add Tequila 512 Blanco, lime juice and St Germain. Shake with ice and double strain into a martini glass.

Las Palomas Resturant: West Woods Shopping Center, 3201 Bee Caves Road #122, Austin, TX 78746




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