By: Lela Jamalabad

Bacon, bacon, bacon- this cut of pork might be (without many naysayers) the tasitest piece of pork. We all know that smell on a Sunday morning, and the way it makes you rush out of bed to get a strip while it’s still hot from the frying pan. Bacon mac n’ cheese, BLT sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon in a breakfast taco- if it has bacon in it, the dish probably tastes better. Today is the day for bacon, so go out and treat yourself to some greasy goodness!

Fun Facts

  • Bacon donuts are a real thing. This is not a fact, per se, but more of an announcement to all those who weren’t aware that those existed.


The “Flying Pig” doughnut available at Gourdoughs Specialty Doughnuts in Austin

  • A single strip of bacon contains 46 calories, which would take 13 minutes of walking to burn off.
  • Americans as a population eat 5,608,654,506 pounds of bacon each year- that is, approximately 18 pounds per American per year.
  • There are many different cuts of bacon including “side bacon” (the cut we Americans tend to prefer), “pancetta”, “middle bacon”, “back bacon” (the preferred cut of the British, and also known as “Canadian Bacon” and “Irish Bacon” or “Rashers”), “jowl bacon, and “slab bacon”.


Pancetta                                                                                    Rashers

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