Austin’s inaugural Ribs & Rosé Soirée successfully celebrated the completion of a successful event in it’s first year.  An event that epitomized the spirit of the summer’s most delicious BBQ paired with the season’s most crisp and delicious pink drink, Ribs & Rosé may be on it’s way to becoming one of Austin’s favorite food events.

If summer were a glass, it’d be in the form of rosé, as it has become a summertime staple among most wine drinkers.  Texas is has a passion for BBQ and a long rich history for their love of brisket, but rib lovers united for their love of pork as they gathered in North Austin at the Peached Social House for the big event.


The event included ribs provided by Tender Belly, which were prepared and smoked by our esteemed chefs and pitmasters.  Participants included Evan Leroy of Leroy & Lewis BBQ; Christopher McGhee of The Switch BBQ; Chef Amir Ajimaleki of District Kitch; Israel Barrios of Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse, Jerome Faulkner of J. Leonardi’s BBQ; and Joshua James of La Table du Chef.  Most of the faces were very familiar within Austin’s esteemed culinary community, but the event also presented a wonderful opportunity to debut new talent.

There’s almost no better way to present a chef’s skills than by highlighting their ability to prepare delicious ribs to a hungry crowd.  The event featured nearly every cut of pork rib, from spare, St. Louis, baby back and short ribs. The chefs were given a selection of ribs to prepare in their own way and they did not disappoint.  The crowd was presented with ribs that were smoked, roasted and even created in to rib sandwiches in J. Leonardi’s own version of a McRib (a much better version).



Rosé wine selections included offerings from Infinite Monkey Theorem, Miraval Provence, Seaglass, Pomelo and AVA Grace canned rosé.  The rosé options were poured cold and ready for immediate tasting.  Each option celebrated the beauty and elegance of their respected vineyards, presenting the taste of sunshine, soil, and flavors abound, paired with the sweet fatty flavor of ribs.



The hungry crowd of 200 packed in to the Peached Social house, as they arrived hungry and thirsty to enjoy every sample of ribs and rose options.  This was definitely not an ideal event for vegetarians, but rib lovers rejoiced in the amount of rib options available, making it next to impossible to leave with an empty stomach.

Organizers of the Ribs & Rosé Soirée were excited to celebrate the success of the first year of this amazing event, but are looking forward to repeat the event with new ideas in the years to come.  We can’t wait to see what else is in store for rib lovers.


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