High Brew is the creation of an idea that was sparked in 2012 while David and Elizabeth Smith took their family on a amazing journey, island hopping through St. Thomas and Grenada.  Wanting to stay alert during long nights of sailing, they discovered cold-brewed coffee.  Discovery turned in to creation as they realized their new passion would become their lively hood.

High Brew features a proprietary blend of Aarabica beans from Central and South America roasted, ground and filtered to a smooth finish using cool temperatures, extracting naturally smooth flavors.  The result is an ice cold, milky-sweet beverage, perfect for the soaring temperatures we’re used to enduring in Austin.

High Brew Coffee is available in many of Austin’s fine grocery stores (HEB, Central Market, Whole Foods, Royal Blue and Fresh Plus, and select convenient stores). Look for it in your grocer’s refrigerated department.  Each can is 8 oz. with only 50 – 60 calories.

Our favorites: Dark Chocolate Mocha.  There’s almost nothing better than coffee and chocolate with only 60 calories!



Photo by: Hayden Walker

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