Few things in life are better than comfort food—familiar recipes and smells often invoke a sense of happiness and well-being. Combining traditional comfort recipes with nostalgia for the kitchen of another era, the editors of  Grit Magazine personally selected a collection of comfort food recipes from the popular country living magazine’s archives to create their new book!
Voyageur Press, July 2014, $24.99  US/$27.99 CAN
GRIT MAGAZINE’S COMFORT FOOD COOKBOOK uses both personal stories and 230 time-tested recipes to allow your mom’s, and even her mom’s, favorite recipes to live again in the modern kitchen. Fully illustrated with guides for measuring, storing, and entertaining, the book also features recipes such as:
  • Creamy Summer Corn Chowder
  • Roast Beef With Blackberry Ketchup
  • Oven-Fried Honey Chicken
  • Cheesy New Potatoes With Bacon
  • Mushroom Beef Stew With Dumplings
  • Cheddar Herb Biscuits
  • Skillet Peach Cobbler
  • Butterscotch Fudge
This traditional yet completely unique cookbook offers a peek at the cooks and kitchens of yesteryear by bringing the best of Grit Magazine’s comfort food recipes into the modern, twenty-first-century kitchen.