Greenbelt Craft Kombucha has announced its first new flavor addition, Pineapple Ginger Turmeric Oolong Tea will be hitting the shelves at HEB.  This unique kombucha has been a year in the making and is perfect as a Summer poolside refreshment and as an immunity booster during these crazy times.  The new flavor is truly like a tropical Moscow mule mocktail in a can with health benefits, and you can even add a splash of vodka if you want to turn it into the real thing.


Greenbelt Kombucha is made with the highest quality functional teas from the best tea producers all over the world.  Each kombucha flavor is individually brewed and fermented with unique teas for each flavor.  This provides an artisanal take on the increasingly-popular probiotic beverage. For this kombucha, the Greenbelt team selected oolong tea for its health benefits, medium level of caffeine, and its ability to mesh perfectly with pineapple, ginger, and turmeric flavors.


greenbelt kombucha


Greenbelt Kombucha offers a line of gourmet flavors for anyone looking for a low-sugar, hand-crafted probiotic lift at a price, with each 12 oz can at only 40 calories. There are no added fruit juices or added sugars after the fermentation process and it also offers lower lactic acid compared to most kombuchas, resulting in some of the best easy-to-drink refreshments on the market. The kombucha is sustainably brewed using 100% wind energy, and is packaged in a highly recyclable aluminum can.


Find Greenbelt Kombucha at Walmart, HEB, and more! Visit for locations.

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