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by @SushiGirl_ATX

Chef Kazu Fukumoto is opening Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi today and we got a sneak peek at his gorgeous new restaurant. Chef Fukumoto, formerly of Musashino Sushi Dokoro, is an extremely talented chef and is well renowned in the Austin food community. This restaurant is at the very top of my most anticipated restaurants opening in 2015 and Fukumoto did not disappoint!

In the Kitchen

Guest can expect fresh sushi offerings, comforting izakaya, mouth-watering tempura and tantalizing yakitori. We had a preview of the menu and each dish we tried was absolutely brilliant.


Chef Fukumoto and his team have perfected the art of grilling yakitori. Our favorites includ the decadent pork belly grilled to perfection with delightful caramelized notes. We also enjoyed the incredible chicken heart glazed with a mouth-watering house-made sauce. The yakitori is served proper with a dish of mild pepper, spicy karashi mustard and shichimi pepper for dipping.

The fried organic chicken with Tokyo negi sauce is one of the best fried chicken dishes that I have tasted. The tender chicken is fried to perfection and complimented perfectly by the house-made negi sauce.

From the delicate cuts of nigiri to the rich monkfish the sushi offerings are impeccable. The flavorful monkfish is plated beautifully with shiso leaf, dikon and a refreshing ponzu sauce.

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