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World Sake Day brings Exclusive Brooklyn Kura Pairing Menu to Uchi and Uchiko

Uchi, the award-winning contemporary Japanese restaurant, and its sister restaurant Uchiko will feature a $45 special in-restaurant sake pairing menu by Brooklyn Kura in celebration of World Sake Day. Reservations are strongly encouraged.


Available throughout regular service (including happy hour).



  • Welcome Drink – Sake cocktail

    • Uchiko: Umegave

    • Uchi: Umegave or sake negroni “Nagai Natsu”

  • Brooklyn Kura “#14” Junmai Ginjo Genshu Namazake: Completely unpasteurized and undiluted sake that uses rice that has been milled to 60% of the original grain. Part Calrose and Part Yamadanishiki Rice used.

  • Brooklyn Kura “Blue Door” Junmai Genshu: Undiluted, part Calrose and Part Yamadanishiki Rice is used.  An homage to the blue door that leads into the brewery.

  • Brooklyn Kura “Occidental” Junmai Ginjo: Gently dry-hopped after fermentation giving the sake a pinkish hue and citrus/hoppy aroma.  Never before shipped to Texas.

  • Brooklyn Kura “Grand Prairie” Junmai Ginjo: 100% Yamada Nishiki!  Rice was grown at Isbell Farms in Arkansas, which is where the name came from. Never left the tri-state area!

  • Dessert – Aged Sake


Oct 01 2021 - Oct 03 2021

Local Time

  • Timezone: Asia/Singapore
  • Date: Oct 01 2021 - Oct 04 2021
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