eat the heat

Adelbert’s Brewing – Beer Samples

Alfred’s Catering – Bite Sized Desserts

Austin Catering – Fried Green Tomato topped with sweet corn & roasted red pepper chevre, basil buttermilk & habanero nectar

Frost 321 – Alchohoic Ice Cream & Sorbets

Independence Brewing – Power & Light Pale Ale

Iron Cactus – Chicken Flatbread and Shrimp Fondue

Jacoby’s Austin – Beef Patrami; Smoked Beef Hearts; Watermelon Soup

Olive & June – Appetizer

Pink Avocado – Grilled Stonefruit Salad; Ancho Cherries , Chèvre, Habanero Vinaigrette, Crispy Rice Noodle

Saint Arnold’s – Saint Arnold Brewery – Beer Samples

Social Ice – Social Ice – Wine Pops

Sterling Affairs – Southern Love Bite:  Chicken Fried Chicken on Cheddar Mashed Potato, with Caramelized Onion & Bacon Jam, atop a Jalapeno Cornbread Bite

Tito’s – Handmade Vodka


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