deadmau5’s ACL performance will feature The Dome, his brand-new festival show which made its debut earlier this year at Governors Ball.  Based on a geodesic design, it features state-of-the-art, never-before-seen design encompassing future technology which compliments his original compositions which include deadmau5 classics “Ghosts n’ Stuff,” “The Veldt” and “Strobe,” as well “Avaritia” and “Phantoms Can’t Hang” from his last studio album while(1<2).   (*NOTE: deadmau5 is not a DJ. He is and should be referred to as an electronic musician or electronic music performer)

The Dome was an idea deadmau5 dreamed up a few years back, but finally found someone who could make it a reality in Roy Bennett, co-founder of Seven Design Works–the production and lighting design team behind some of the concert industry’s biggest draws and brightest emerging acts. The designer first heard about the dome idea while in a meeting at deadmau5’s house and he immediately starting drawing up a mock-up. His job, Bennett says, was to figure out a design that allowed enough freedom for deadmau5 to change-up the set and play off the audience. What he came back with was deadmau5’s very own dome which acts as his hub during his performance and to keep the audience engaged, Bennett has built-in layers of lights and video screens that surround it. Check outdeadmau5’s headlining set at Austin City Limits on Saturday of both weekends from 8:20 – 9:30 PM at Honda.

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