Contigo Catering & Dispatch, is launching interactive virtual classes and drive-thru pop-ups as an offshoot of Contigo Catering, alongside their seasonal homestyle meals, family meals and grocery items for delivery and pickup.


CONTi-GO Dispatch was launched in March 2020 by owner Brooke Greer as a meal delivery and grocery service and has since developed the concept further to offer virtual classes & pop-up neighborhood drive-thrus, in addition to meal delivery and pickup at their kitchen located at 3709 Promontory Point Dr., B201, Austin, TX 78744. 


“The day SXSW cancelled, our entire spring season was decimated, the 3 months we bring in 40% of our revenue for the year. We fell hard, and we fell fast. I knew we would have to act, and overnight quickly jumped into the family meal delivery, became a product-driven company vs. a services business and launched an online ordering system. At first, it was a bandaid to get us through what felt like a season-ending injury. Now, we are reconstructing our business. Truth be told, there may not be live events for a while, which we were (and still are) really, really good at executing. While the team and I still have our ups and downs, good & bad days, the creative energy that comes from reworking our business model, alongside staying relevant and engaged with our audience, has been life giving; and it pushes me personally through the exhaustion.”  – Brook Greer


Virtual Classes

Virtual classes can be purchased on CONTi-GO Dispatch’s website, and will include a link to a video tutorial. Upcoming virtual classes and packages include:

Stir Crazy Vol. 1 The Martini ($40): kit comes with cocktail ingredients and garnish to make a classic gin martini, dirty vodka martini and Mexican martini, taught live. 

Kitchen Science Vol. 1: Bread Making ($40): kit comes with ingredients to make homemade bread along with virtual/live culinary instructions on bread making, as well as a direct number to text later with any questions. 

Customers may order CONTi-GO meals and virtual class packages and view current offerings online at  Offerings are available for delivery or pickup at 3709 Promontory Point Dr b201, Austin, TX 78744. Find more info about Contigo Catering at


Contigo Catering

Weekly Menu Offerings

Menu offerings are available for preorder:

Baked beef bolognese macaroni and broccoli ($30, serves 4), green chili pork ($45, serves 4),

Contigo roasted chicken ($16); family meals like Pulled Rotisserie Chicken Salad ($45, serves 4),

Stuffed Eggplant ($45, serves 4). Cocktails, beer and wine are also available to order.

Grocery items include fresh vegetables, eggs, meat and poultry, milk, and bulk dry items like rice, polenta, flour, beans, pasta and lentils. 

CONTi-GO Dispatch’s seasonal menu will also feature holiday family meals for Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Fourth of July. Preorder online for delivery or pickup here. 


Contigo Catering & Dispatch is owned and operated by Austinite Brooke Greer, alongside partners Andrew Wiseheart and Ben Edgerton. Brooke is also the co-founder of Table Manners, a tableware rental and tablescape design company for events & restaurants. Table Manners is available for collaborations and rentals. 

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