(Photo: drinkcoffer.com)

Review By: Kara Hardin

Finding it a bit of a buzz kill to brew that piping hot morning coffee and beat the 90+ Texas heat? Look no further for a refreshing, exciting alternative to your cup of morning Joe!  Coffer, a handcrafted, locally bottled and brewed cold brew coffee is the newest addition to increasingly competitive, yet popular trend among coffee drinkers. Each sip of the naturally carbonated brew is aromatic, with invigorating flavor; perfectly fitting for the hot summer months Austinites regularly endure. 

Developed by owner and creator Kevin Chen, the naturally carbonated cold brew coffee is not limited to only one form of consumption.  Mix it with your cocktails, try it with left over vanilla ice cream, or pop the cap and savor it straight from the bottle. It’s perfectly suited for nearly everything in between. Whether enjoying a fun filled day at the lake, rushing out to your morning meeting, or looking for a refreshing alternative for a summer time coffee date.  Coffer provides that little pick me up coffee drinkers can enjoy at just about any time of day.  

And as stated on the bottle “No corporations were involved, you can feel good about that.”